Sunday, December 6, 2015

July 2015~Playing Outside and the Fourth

We spent a lot of summer evenings in our shaded front yard and driveway. We would take and eat our dinner out there to minimize cleanup, and I would sit in a chair (still recovering), and enjoy watching my kids play. Nora would mostly be trapped in her stroller, but luckily didn't mind. It was just nice to be outside.
 photo IMG_7508_zpsbqe2o5q4.jpg

Cute sidewalk chalk art! We've enjoyed our new driveway. Our old one was totally chipped up and gravelly--which made it hard to do sidewalk chalk or ride a bike on.
 photo IMG_7517_zpsmp41rwtm.jpg  photo IMG_7520_zpsk0ck2ujh.jpg  photo IMG_7523_zpsmtx1wbv1.jpg  photo IMG_7525_zpssbdkk4d3.jpg  photo IMG_7526_zpschuuenqy.jpg
Coy's snowman:
 photo IMG_7548_zps6hv07p4q.jpg 
Coy's monster:
 photo IMG_7549_zpse5ge5vox.jpg 
Here are some photos from our Fourth of July. We had our annual swim party and breakfast.
 photo IMG_7551_zpsmhmfwddw.jpg  photo IMG_7554_zpsbldqmlpq.jpg  photo IMG_7555_zpsacvxzxju.jpg  photo IMG_7558_zpsvouop1jx.jpg  photo IMG_7561_zpstqwqjryx.jpg
We enjoyed a beautiful evening at the fireworks as well.
 photo IMG_7563_zpssuo3frij.jpg  photo IMG_7567_zpszygshubn.jpg  photo IMG_7571_zpsafew1gjp.jpg  photo IMG_7578_zpsmzjprr1h.jpg  photo IMG_7579_zpsfhw5nc5v.jpg  photo IMG_7581_zpsbcoiuhuc.jpg  photo IMG_7582_zpsg3lvafwc.jpg

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