Sunday, March 8, 2015

Halloween 2014

I'm glad to finally get to my Halloween pictures from last Halloween! I always love days that mark special times of each year. It is fun to look at how my kids grow each year and to look back on what they chose to be each year for Halloween. I like to always try to make something each year for one or more of their costumes. Sometimes it's all or none. Sometimes I overdo it and stress myself out. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother! But I am always happy to look back at their costumes, especially the parts I may have created. So here is HALLOWEEN 2014!

(So fun to add Nora to the mix this year! Last year she was a pumpkin in my belly!)
 photo IMG_6653_zpsic9xys97.jpg
Mylie loves to dance and sing, so when she grows up she wants to be a pop star. This year we used one of Mylie's dance costumes for the dress of her pop star costume--it was fancy and glittery (always nice to be able to get a little more use out of those expensive costumes!) We found the awesome pink wig for quite cheap on Amazon--it was shipped from China! I tried to make her some high silver boots. They were way more work than they were worth! Well, maybe they ended up looking OK.
 photo IMG_6596_zpsi4v6pkml.jpg  photo IMG_6598 crop_zps11xt3bep.jpg  photo IMG_6591_zpsf2snhiby.jpg  photo IMG_6593_zpsgzumxdsd.jpg  photo IMG_6599_zpszdhgx7nv.jpg  photo IMG_6600_zpsfcmrytbj.jpg 
Bennett wanted to be knight this year--meaning a knight in real armor. It took a lot to convince him that A) they don't make real armor in his size, B) the real armor costumes for adults cost a fortune, and C) there is no way I could come up with to make real-looking armor. So real armor just wasn't going to happen! Luckily had this great knight costume that he grew to accept and love. And no handmade here on my part, unless you count the mustache!
 photo IMG_6602_zpstbxfykni.jpg  photo IMG_6603_zps2wm4rok8.jpg  photo IMG_6604 crop_zpsiwqgab0a.jpg  photo IMG_6605_zpsicglhewp.jpg  photo IMG_6608 crop_zpsuqrp1elc.jpg
Coy's costume was fun to make. I had to dye white sweats (couldn't find green) and Coy helped me stuff the muscles--we overstuffed them so much on the bottom ones that it looked like he had a chubby belly! This kid just cracks me up. He is so different than Bennett was at this age in so many ways!
 photo IMG_6610_zps37ybh3n1.jpg  photo IMG_6612_zpsvravazvw.jpg  photo IMG_6613_zpsjwgapf2z.jpg  photo IMG_6614_zpsqslvurzd.jpg  photo IMG_6615_zpsreltmo3k.jpg  photo IMG_6617_zpszpybigyp.jpg  photo IMG_6618_zpswsxncmev.jpg 
Last, but not least, my LITTLE DOLL:
I made the wig for Nora. It ended up taking way too long, and had way too much yarn. It was so heavy and warm! My lesson learned? Use a red hat for the cap that matches the yarn instead of a white one that you have to cover up every inch of! Oh well, at least she looked cute for pictures which is what matters most, right? Her cute little dress and shoes were from Gap.
 photo IMG_6641_zpsm5e4okzr.jpg  photo IMG_6647 crop_zpsppgdbqty.jpg  photo IMG_6623_zpsrp1oasuz.jpg  photo IMG_6628 crop_zpswv1hyskn.jpg  photo IMG_6631_zpsurbv7lbh.jpg  photo IMG_6636_zpsdxctj4ox.jpg  photo IMG_6637_zpsyhv5fvnd.jpg  photo IMG_6662_zpsxyhdyi2a.jpg  photo IMG_6665 crop_zpsdb88xyea.jpg  photo IMG_6671_zpsoihitoam.jpg 
I take absolutely no credit nor responsibility for what this man dressed up as...
 photo IMG_6678_zpsnqhjmtjh.jpg

Bennett's Ninth Birthday

Yes, you heard me right! My little boy turned NINE! It was clear back in October; I am still trying to stay faithful to documenting things here on my blog, and that is where I am at. I am a lucky lady to have this boy to call my own. He is a joy to raise. It is so fun to watch him learn, grow, and accomplish so many of his goals. He is so driven and is very wise for his age. At nine years old,  he loves basketball, running, reading, books, playing the piano, writing, math, and playing games (card games and board games.)

He had school that day, so he got up and got ready for that. We always do at least one gift in the morning, along with a new outfit. Bennett got Perplexus Epic, which he wanted very badly.

His birthday was a little different this year. My dad had back surgery that day, so of course my parents couldn't come to visit. Russ's parents also weren't available to come that day. So instead of a big party at home, we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner (my kid's all love steak), then visited my dad in the hospital. It was pretty late when Bennett finally got open his presents and have his cake. We did get a visit that night from Russell's sisters.

Here is the day in pictures:

The morning present
 photo IMG_6517_zpsbznmfjhc.jpg  photo IMG_6525_zpswnuksdok.jpg

It was a beautiful day outside. My cute nine year old!
 photo IMG_6526_zpss5rnfeuq.jpg  photo IMG_6527_zps8ir4xhiz.jpg  photo IMG_6530_zps8a4wpwzn.jpg  photo IMG_6532 crop_zpsmxe6ww0k.jpg  photo IMG_6534_zpspyxjrdtt.jpg 
Nora loves Bennett. He is a great big brother!
 photo IMG_6537_zpsjnqwwozs.jpg  photo IMG_6539_zpswmgbppid.jpg  photo IMG_6541_zpsjbguohnr.jpg  photo IMG_6544_zpsumc7mhgw.jpg  photo IMG_6547_zpsrj6xnfob.jpg  photo IMG_6549_zpshzxddgss.jpg 
My cute boys
 photo IMG_6551_zps4hl1i73g.jpg  photo IMG_6552_zpsz8m1sx2m.jpg  photo IMG_6556_zpsc4p54rva.jpg  photo IMG_6565_zpser24ccij.jpg  photo IMG_6566_zpsniknrizh.jpg 
Easy cake to make this year--Basketball Cake.
 photo IMG_6571_zpsuvmtgsgg.jpg  photo IMG_6575_zpsjsodgnxl.jpg 
Opening Presents:
 photo IMG_6577_zpsm7iub5w3.jpg  photo IMG_6580_zpszgc84cmo.jpg
Lots of books :)
 photo IMG_6583_zpsyykspvp7.jpg  photo IMG_6584_zpsgtarontk.jpg  photo IMG_6588_zpskx9qhqyo.jpg  photo IMG_6590_zpsuci8w33e.jpg