Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mylie~6 months ago

I just posted this full session on my photo blog. This little beauty just turned FIVE!!

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

A little from our January~

Here's a little look back at January.

Russ celebrated his birthday which is always the highlight of the month...There really isn't much else to look forward to in the cold and dreary month of January. We snapped a few pictures before heading out to eat as a family for his birthday.
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Bennett lost his top two teeth during the month (the first of the two might have been at the very end of December.) He enjoyed being Nanny McPhee for a while with each of his teeth before they came out. He let the first one get a little too lose and literally LOST it one night. He woke up without his tooth, and we couldn't find it anywhere. He must have swallowed it!

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Bennett also enjoyed getting to play on a basketball team throughout January and February, so that has been fun during these cold and dreary months. He has his last game this week, and is sad for it to be over.
And these little beanie boos have been enjoying their lives as part of our family. The kids set them up on the towels in the bathroom and wanted them to have their picture taken, so here you go.
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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Merry Christmas 2012

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Christmas 2012 was absolutely wonderful. Everyone was well and healthy (at least on Christmas Day), and the kids seemed to enjoy each magical moment. They are at the funnest ages right now.
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I think they all got everything they hoped for and more.

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Coy fell in love with this monster hat at Children's Place one day when I was in there with my mom. And Mylie also begged for the kitty one...so of course I got them later for them.
 photo blog5_zps39202546.jpg

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Bennett LOVES his quilt. (Yea!) He has slept with it every night since Christmas and even says he thinks it might be his favorite present...well at least one of them!
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Mylie got some more princess dress ups...She is excited to dress as Belle for her princess party coming up soon.
 photo blog9_zps8a519fad.jpg
Mylie's list was very extensive and detailed this year. She even wanted Santa to bring her a "reindeer ears headband." She wore them all day on Christmas, and for a while tried to stay on her hands and knees as a reindeer. Finally she decided that wasn't a very convenient way to get around, and eventually decided she could just be a reindeer that walked on it's hind legs. Oh, and the red lipgloss was because she wanted to be rudolph, but didn't want a red nose but wanted red lips instead.
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Yea for Coy finally posing for pictures!!!
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All of the kids are in love with they TY beanie boos. Not a day has gone by since Christmas that all three of them haven't played with their little stuffed animals Santa left in their stockings. Coy is especially in love with his Peanut "Nee-nut", and even has tried to feed him mac and cheese and cereal. Finally today he decided "Nee-nut" wouldn't eat it because "he doesn't hab it...teeth."
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Oh and I just had to to throw in this cute picture of Bennett with his baby cousin. Bennett loves babies and loves to hold them whenever given a chance. They are both too cute.
 photo blog17_zpse27e1950.jpg

Well, Christmas was magical and now it is long gone...Thank goodness January is finally over, too. I'm looking forward to some Valentine's festivities and birthday partying here. Hopefully I can get it all together without going too crazy.