Saturday, July 22, 2017

Fourth of July Swimming 2016

We love our annual family breakfast and swimming on the Fourth of July! It is such a fun tradition that we all look forward to so much each year! The food is wonderful, and it is so fun to visit and catch up with extended family. I am so grateful to my aunt and uncle who host each year and make it such a fun day!

Here is a look at some pictures from 2016. (I am currently a year behind on this blog! So even though this is getting published in July of 2017, the pictures are from the previous year.)

 photo IMG_9763_zpsogxitv2h.jpg  photo IMG_9768_zpssiqbs4fb.jpg  photo IMG_9767_zpsncwkrqeb.jpg 

Davis is not so sure of Nora.
 photo IMG_9765_zpsfbtnretn.jpg  photo IMG_9764_zpsyzrrkz0x.jpg  photo IMG_9771_zpsznhs27sk.jpg 

Fun in the pool!
 photo IMG_9776_zpsjt7j4usk.jpg  photo IMG_9774_zps7a5ukse6.jpg

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Backyard Badminton~June 2016

I love fun summer nights outside! We got a badminton set this year for Russell for Father's Day. We had a great time playing as a family. It is fun to teach the kids new things and watch them experience things I loved as a child. Growing up, I loved to play Badminton with my cousins at my Grandma's house. We mostly liked to see how many times we could hit the birdie back and forth without letting it touch the ground. It was always a highlight of my summer!

 photo IMG_9654_zpsmmik5ozd.jpg  photo IMG_9655_zpslk17zsdw.jpg  photo IMG_9659_zpsq4rs2cum.jpg  photo IMG_9653_zpsu3jyra1m.jpg  photo IMG_9652_zps2bh07uvj.jpg  photo IMG_9649_zpseoqlahx9.jpg  photo IMG_9660_zps4pixcnls.jpg  photo IMG_9662_zps10qifyxb.jpg

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Go Bennett and Coy! Founders Day 5K 2016

Coy ran his first 5K at the end of June 2016. He did such a good job! He was 5 years old and ran it in 32:47! Watching him sprint to the finish line with his little cheeks bouncing was about one of the cutest things I have ever seen.
Bennett did amazing this year! He PR'd and ran the race in 21:05!!! At only 10 years old, he won first place in his age group and was 16th place overall!!!
I am so glad my kids set goals and love to push themselves to do hard things! They are looking forward to a bright future by disciplining themselves now.
 photo IMG_9641_zpsonqnfamf.jpg  photo IMG_9642_zpsnwmlcpwx.jpg  photo IMG_9643_zpsu4pa1sqg.jpg 
I am a very proud mama!
 photo IMG_9647_zpsaax2f4sf.jpg

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Nora is 2 1/2~June 2016

Every parent says it and it is true: They just grow up TOO FAST! Here are some cute little pictures of Nora when she was two and a half years old. I love her blue, blue eyes and little sprinkle of freckles across her nose.

 photo IMG_9601_zpszddrodnm.jpg  photo IMG_9602_zps37p4gtzp.jpg  photo IMG_9603_zpsidef4hpj.jpg

For some reason, all of my kids stop taking any sort of nap during the day by the time they turn 2. They are just done with them! But occasionally, tiredness will get the best of them. Nora fell asleep a little sooner than bedtime one night. All that summer craziness will wear a little one out!
 photo IMG_9632_zpsd36g4a0w.jpg  photo IMG_9637_zpsrbfa7cxi.jpg

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Another Year of Dance for Mylie~May 2016

Mylie loves to dance and I love to watch Mylie dance! She has so much enthusiasm and love for the art of dance, and she truly dances with her whole heart. She NEVER complains about going or the hours she spends, but is the exact opposite. She loves every moment of it. She has the best teachers and has made so many good friends. I love dance season in the spring. It is crazy, and busy, but it is so fun to see her excel at the dances she and her teammates have worked so hard on. Every performance is a wonderful celebration.

I was able to sneak some pictures in one day before a performance. This red outfit was for her lyrical dance which was to God Bless the USA.

 photo IMG_9577_zpshufl3tgv.jpg  photo IMG_9595 crop_zps2jrtifmn.jpg  photo IMG_9599_zpsznnwsaua.jpg  photo IMG_9591_zpspierw99s.jpg  photo IMG_9593_zpsfve14btc.jpg  photo IMG_9585_zpsslt9w5sp.jpg  photo IMG_9581_zpsvdkr3rlm.jpg  photo IMG_9590_zps4l2m6bc8.jpg  photo IMG_9588_zpsawbz4vaq.jpg 

Here are some of her dance photos taken by Heather Nielson Photography:
 photo IMG_4787_zpspvrhzm2w.jpg  photo IMG_4783_zpsnydx4p7a.jpg  photo IMG_4960_zpszqqsowdk.jpg  photo IMG_4965_zpsio1y0vpw.jpg  photo IMG_4966_zpsl8cdrx7e.jpg  photo IMG_5033a_zpstrjahibt.jpg  photo IMG_5032_zpsrn7mlodz.jpg  photo IMG_4876_zpsmzjvmxih.jpg

I snagged these performance photos from the dance facebook page:
 photo DancePicCopyFromFacebook3_zpsdxs5lhnn.jpg  photo DancePicCopyFromFacebook4_zpshjszckj6.jpg  photo DancePicCopyFromFacebook2_zpsv8qsr7gc.jpg  photo DancePicCopyFromFacebook1_zpswkkckidn.jpg  photo DancePicCopyFromFacebook6_zpscudjgshr.jpg

Friday, July 14, 2017

Peach Blossoms and Nora~April 2016

I love taking pictures of things we plant to see how they change and grow over the years. It is also fun to take pictures of those things with the little ones to see how they change and grow over the years as well! We planted three of our little fruit trees in our backyard in the fall of 2015. We were told that we shouldn't let them fruit for a few years in order to establish the tree. One of the best ways to do this was to pull off the blossoms in the spring. This little peach tree had the most beautiful little blossoms in April of 2016, so before Nora helped me pull them off, we took some pictures of her by the tree.

The tree is so little, just like she is. I hope they both continue to grow and bloom in the years to come!

 photo IMG_9562_zpsexnb1dps.jpg  photo IMG_9554_zpsgymkg79t.jpg  photo IMG_9552_zpsgk5e3uy8.jpg  photo IMG_9551_zpspk1kh75y.jpg  photo IMG_9550_zpshoxawatk.jpg  photo IMG_9560_zpst6f4y5fw.jpg  photo IMG_9558_zpstvhxduws.jpg  photo IMG_9556_zpsykzhrs1r.jpg