Thursday, April 27, 2017

Preview up on Photo Blog

It's been a while, but I've actually posted a session on my photo blog! CLICK HERE

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Mylie's Baptism Day~March 2016

Mylie was baptized on a beautiful day in March of 2016. She wore the same dress I wore when I was baptized! It was such a nice little service, and I am so grateful for her sweet testimony and willingness to try to follow Jesus. One of my favorite parts of her baptismal service was when she sang "The Miracle" with some of her best cousins and friends. It was truly touching. I am grateful to have a good and faithful husband that is worthy to perform the sacred ordinance.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Mylie's Baptism Photo Shoot

These photos were taken in February of 2016 for Mylie's baptism. We took them at the Ogden Temple grounds. It was a little chilly and windy!

 photo IMG_8943 edit_zpsolgduna4.jpg  photo IMG_8952 edit_zpseqxjtb9m.jpg  photo IMG_8923 edit crop_zpszfcwwcoz.jpg  photo 8x10 MylieBaptism3_zpspkhew9wy.jpg  photo 8x10 MylieBaptism_zpslcitt2av.jpg  photo IMG_8932 edit_zpsywv1v0yn.jpg  photo IMG_8909 edit_zpsnztvxlfn.jpg  photo IMG_8915 edit_zps2kdnqyef.jpg  photo IMG_8913 edit_zpspqxpejq2.jpg  photo IMG_8939 edit_zpsrfwogf0v.jpg  photo 8x10 MylieBaptism4_zps9tv2yi50.jpg  photo IMG_8941 edit_zpssb5pniy6.jpg  photo IMG_8956 edit_zpsp8r2b4od.jpg  photo IMG_8963 edit_zpshyuzol9t.jpg  photo IMG_8964 edit_zpspk5gzrwk.jpg  photo IMG_8965 edit_zpsm0hsuhem.jpg  photo IMG_8966 edit_zpsuyc9hjwf.jpg  photo IMG_8969 edit crop_zpsn731bpk3.jpg  photo IMG_8904 edit_zpsfgvxjd7z.jpg  photo IMG_8971 edit_zpseg0dgdks.jpg  photo IMG_8980_zpslco4i3al.jpg  photo IMG_8979 edit_zpsuobbfm1x.jpg  photo IMG_8972 edit_zpsqpd0vaou.jpg  photo IMG_8968 edit_zpsubz6cc9c.jpg  photo Mylie Baptism Card Front FINAL_zpsfvx3dryb.jpg
 photo Mylie Baptism Card Back FINAL_zpsw1vo8tin.jpg

Mylie's 8th Birthday {Valentine's Day} 2016

Mylie turned eight years old on a beautiful Sunday last year in 2016. She wanted to have a cute Paris-themed party. We had family and a few friends over. We had "cafe" food--sandwiches, cheese, fruits and veggies--and even had French Cafe music playing in the background.

She is sure a sweet and darling girl!

 photo IMG_8858_zpsbjzjbnd1.jpg  photo IMG_8814_zpsztpvd9fe.jpg  photo IMG_8812_zpseeknuec5.jpg  photo IMG_8830_zpsi6etwvza.jpg

She was super excited for some high-heeled shoes!

 photo IMG_8810_zpsnyroue1t.jpg  photo IMG_8806_zpsdpso4hpb.jpg  photo IMG_8836_zpstd9xol9d.jpg  photo IMG_8867_zps2n5vvyyw.jpg  photo IMG_8865_zpsdul4bcec.jpg  photo IMG_8801_zpsl2eidk5b.jpg  photo IMG_8794_zpseomb9gm7.jpg  photo IMG_8875_zpslovaiwhu.jpg

Good friends!

 photo IMG_8872_zpslgrud1un.jpg  photo IMG_8890_zpsc4enl4nm.jpg

Nora on Valentine's 2016

{Valentine's 2016}

Here are some cute pictures of Nora on Valentine's Day. She is wearing the same dress and bow that Mylie wore on her 2nd birthday. I love my two beautiful girls!

 photo IMG_8845_zpsqombhf6j.jpg

 photo IMG_8854_zpstksinrwm.jpg  photo IMG_8847 crop_zpsazkjc9wb.jpg  photo IMG_8847_zpsahwhedok.jpg  photo IMG_8840_zpslhf11cq3.jpg