Sunday, July 17, 2016

Nora's 2nd Birthday!

Back in December of 2015, my baby girl turned two years old. She has been such a fun addition to our family. We sure love our little, spunky Nora. The other kids dote on her and love to take care her and play with her. She is a funny girl that know just how to push your buttons. At two, she was quite the little talker. She loved babies and princess shoes. She cannot leave a scab alone, and had this nasty owie on her nose for over a month because she couldn't stop scratching the scab off! Her favorite color is purple, and she wanted a purple cake. She was a pretty picky eater at the time, but loves all things in the dairy group: milk, cheese, cottage cheese, and yogurt. She usually loves macaroni and cheese, so for her birthday we took her to Noodles & Company thinking she would love the mac & cheese. Since it was different than your regular old Kraft, she wouldn't touch it and didn't eat a thing there. Kind of a let down birthday dinner!

Here are the photos from the day!

 photo IMG_8476_zpshmsakjvf.jpg  photo IMG_8465_zpspf3nfjv4.jpg  photo IMG_8468_zpsjqedii3g.jpg  photo IMG_8473_zpsl4opyqfu.jpg  photo IMG_8474_zpsdtnsxzvj.jpg 

I was very pleased with how her cake turned out. It was a cute one!
 photo IMG_8477_zpsd0wpbojx.jpg  photo IMG_8480_zpssjn0s3k0.jpg  photo IMG_8482_zps6fa5eob9.jpg  photo IMG_8485_zps9luwc8pl.jpg  photo IMG_8487_zpsuxzjpikn.jpg  photo IMG_8493_zpsffg0klck.jpg  photo IMG_8498_zpstfob580r.jpg  photo IMG_8506_zpskd2wi2ul.jpg 

Sweet Mylie helped me make all the pompoms for the water bottles. It was fun :)
 photo IMG_8510_zpsahvlgctj.jpg  photo IMG_8515_zpseib7ieeq.jpg  photo IMG_3436_zpsfymewehi.jpg  photo IMG_3439_zpsw2bbu3mj.jpg  photo IMG_3445_zps8ldd5chg.jpg  photo IMG_3423_zpsiqctbwoq.jpg  photo IMG_3429_zpshmysrf3q.jpg

Lights at Temple Square 2015

I love traditions! Nearly every year we go with my family to Salt Lake to get pizza at Litza's and then to see the beautiful Christmas lights at Temple Square. We had a wonderful time as always!

 photo IMG_3380_zpsi7uc9fkl.jpg  photo IMG_3381_zps4fmwazqu.jpg  photo IMG_3383_zpsynvrtiff.jpg  photo IMG_3384_zpsgb5dl6jf.jpg  photo IMG_3385_zpsfe3gcicq.jpg  photo IMG_3387_zpsnsrchq6n.jpg  photo IMG_3391_zpsxfsh5abf.jpg  photo IMG_3393_zps76adbeoz.jpg  photo IMG_3396_zpsthibof1g.jpg  photo IMG_3399_zps5cglw2ix.jpg  photo IMG_3402_zps3i1izh1k.jpg  photo IMG_3405_zpsxwu5azhf.jpg  photo IMG_3408_zpsxbuydxaw.jpg  photo IMG_3412_zpsfwmipxxi.jpg  photo IMG_3416_zpso8acu3in.jpg  photo IMG_3417_zpsilcrcchh.jpg

Thanksgiving Snowstorm 2015

The first beautiful snowstorm of the year happened the night before Thanksgiving. It was one of those memories I will never forget. It was the first snowstorm at our new house, and it was a good one! It was absolutely breathtaking! We are blessed to live next to a beautiful little "forest" of trees. It is so beautiful in the winter when those trees are covered in snow.

The kids were so excited Thanksgiving morning. Of course we had to go out and enjoy it! It was also so fun to see Nora experience her very first snow. The winter previous really had no good snowstorms, plus we were living in the apartment. Winter of 2015~2016 did not disappoint however! This was just the first of so much snow. And even though these trees are beautiful, they make it so that our house happens to be in a colder environment than everyone else around us. Consequently, we would get more snow, and it would stay. It was hard to keep our driveway cleared off! We had huge piles long after everyone else's had melted!

 photo IMG_8451_zpspzb98y0b.jpg  photo IMG_8442_zpsayauetic.jpg  photo IMG_8457_zpsjfhqqu2v.jpg  photo IMG_8436_zps5n2xjaaf.jpg  photo IMG_8437_zpstodxfcuw.jpg  photo IMG_8439_zpsqppwpug4.jpg  photo IMG_8446_zpsl1bcfzxc.jpg  photo IMG_8448_zpsupkjoyhh.jpg  photo IMG_8450_zpsg1gbxcm6.jpg  photo IMG_8454_zpsrdhi5uw2.jpg  photo IMG_8455_zps6h3adzio.jpg

Of course we had to have hot chocolate after we came in!
 photo IMG_8460_zpsq5daopa5.jpg  photo IMG_8461_zpszm8zcmxf.jpg  photo IMG_8464_zps3qoyy4xu.jpg