Monday, December 28, 2015

Coy's First Day of Preschool~September 2015

Coy was very excited and ready to go to preschool this year! We decided to wait a year on Kindergarten since he just barely turned five in August, and we are so glad we did! I am enjoying having him home with me an extra year and letting him be little just a bit longer. He is really enjoying preschool and is learning to read and write so well. I think he likes the social aspect the most though. I love that he is friendly to everyone and thinks everyone is his friend. He is a very outgoing and social boy.

He left as my cute little boy...
 photo IMG_7888 square_zpsdbp0ork4.jpg
...and came back a super hero!
 photo IMG_7898_zpsg2ze9nxo.jpg 
More cute photos before he left. He is looking so grown up!
 photo IMG_7887_zpspdzbjtre.jpg 
Excited to wear his name tag:
 photo IMG_7880_zpsyuh7agdz.jpg 
Nora had to jump in a photo, too, of course!
 photo IMG_7874_zpsaba4az54.jpg
More of my smart little super hero:
 photo IMG_7896_zps3sbrxzqh.jpg  photo IMG_7897_zps7ht3yq11.jpg  photo IMG_7895_zpszrroxu5t.jpg

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