Friday, January 2, 2015

First Day of School 2014

The first day of school was different this year without getting to send my kids to school on the bus! (We live just down the road from the school right now, so I take and pick the kids up each day. I have actually enjoyed it!)

Bennett and Mylie were both so excited. I am so glad my kids love school! Mylie was especially excited to start first grade and get to go to school ALL DAY. I don't know if I am as excited about that! These kids grow too fast. It is sad to see them leave their carefree childhood days behind! School is so busy. There isn't near enough time for play anymore! (We have been enjoying our Christmas break, getting to relax and play--although we haven't enjoyed the freezing weather!)

Well back to talking about August and warm weather, here are my two cuties all ready to go. I also love that they love each other. Bennett for weeks would hold Mylie's hand and walk her to her door after I would drop them off in the morning. I would just sit and stare from my minivan with a full heart each morning. I am not sure when it finally stopped, but now they both just run off their separate ways---probably because we are always running super late nowadays.

 photo IMG_5664_zps4d67979d.jpg  photo IMG_5662_zpsbafa1595.jpg 

Mylie, of course, had to be super fancy for her first day of school!
 photo IMG_5667_zps24b7c5d3.jpg 

Bennett picked out this new backpack. He loves it!
 photo IMG_5653_zps926c7085.jpg 

First Grade!
 photo IMG_5659_zps4dc8c0a8.jpg 

Third Grade! What?
 photo IMG_5652_zps64cd8d8f.jpg  photo IMG_5657_zps955d2c86.jpg  photo IMG_5669_zps3c2ba638.jpg

Excited jumps!
 photo IMG_5655_zps9e51e0a5.jpg  photo IMG_5660_zps2bc2deae.jpg  photo IMG_5651_zpsb85ee5b3.jpg

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Coy's 4th Birthday

Back in August, we celebrated Coy turning 4 years old! We sure love this little boy! He is so funny and just loves life. He is so energetic and gets so excited about so many things. I know I've said it before, but he truly has a "zest" for life. He makes me happy! I love the personality that this boy came with, even if it is a little mischievous at times! At times he loves to make trouble, but can also be the sweetest, most loving boy.

 photo IMG_5565_zps648c1bf9.jpg  photo IMG_5564_zpsaa36dc4c.jpg  photo IMG_5553_zps38c6fe6a.jpg  photo IMG_5560_zpsc0fa3583.jpg  photo IMG_5540_zps6e628e5e.jpg  photo IMG_5541_zpsb8b7cf30.jpg  photo IMG_5543_zps57439621.jpg  photo IMG_5569_zps45c86fa1.jpg  photo IMG_5572_zpsd4a1d7b3.jpg  photo IMG_5574_zpscb37f969.jpg  photo IMG_5576_zps4cefba18.jpg  photo IMG_5581_zps369d8258.jpg  photo IMG_5583_zps28322ca2.jpg  photo IMG_5584_zpsda1631a1.jpg  photo IMG_5587_zps16178136.jpg

He wanted a Ninja Turtle birthday cake and party. We took it all to my mom's, so we could enjoy her yard since we were living in this apartment.

 photo IMG_5602_zps7fb6cdeb.jpg  photo IMG_5613_zps1cd36c2e.jpg  photo IMG_5607_zpsd37cf034.jpg  photo IMG_5609_zpsb674c2c3.jpg  photo IMG_5604_zps6f94d159.jpg  photo IMG_5592_zpsb3ca4cc5.jpg  photo IMG_5593_zps86575b0a.jpg  photo IMG_5594_zps83fe78bd.jpg  photo IMG_5599_zps79b741dd.jpg  photo IMG_5615_zps56a689ee.jpg  photo IMG_5630_zps32061c76.jpg  photo IMG_5631_zpsc863b02a.jpg  photo IMG_5642_zpse75bca0f.jpg  photo IMG_5645_zps537e637e.jpg  photo IMG_5646_zps829bcdfb.jpg  photo IMG_5650_zps597d7871.jpg

July 2014

Here is a look back at our July.

Mylie lost her first tooth while eating a bowl of cereal!

 photo IMG_5379_zpsf67ac4e1.jpg 
Here are some cute pics of  her sporting her new gap. Also, I was trying to get a few last minute pics of our kids while having natural light in our house. I knew we would be living in a dark apartment soon, which makes it very hard to get good pictures of my kids during everyday life :( It has been hard not being able to just take a cute natural light photo of my kids for the past 6 months.
 photo IMG_5427_zps4ad70ca8.jpg  photo IMG_5429_zps4c0668e0.jpg  photo IMG_5431_zps0fc8d4b7.jpg  photo IMG_5432_zps35cff81a.jpg
Here was the Fourth of July. We had a fun time going swimming, and we also enjoyed fireworks that night, but I didn't get any pictures.
 photo IMG_5381_zpsd32f7a7b.jpg  photo IMG_5385_zps7301207f.jpg  photo IMG_5387_zps5212c72f.jpg  photo IMG_5390_zps4858ee84.jpg

Here is Nora at 7 months. Once again, I tried to get a few pics of her before we moved, although these weren't the best. At 7 months, she we finding the teeth that Mylie was losing. She was sitting up like a champ, and also getting on her hands and knees.
 photo IMG_5405_zpscc3f52ed.jpg  photo IMG_5407_zps58eb6550.jpg  photo IMG_5413_zpsd3351437.jpg  photo IMG_5415_zps94549918.jpg
Here are a few more random pics of the kids hanging out around our house those last few days of living there.
 photo IMG_5419_zps5c7c61bc.jpg  photo IMG_5421_zpse1f52071.jpg  photo IMG_5422_zps613a1121.jpg  photo IMG_5434_zpsb4e6d495.jpg 

I tried to take a picture of Nora sleeping and...
 photo IMG_5436_zpsa6ae384e.jpg
I woke her up. Oops!
 photo IMG_5437_zps06b7c683.jpg

Here is moving day. Very bittersweet. Mostly bitter since we still do not have a home to live in. And looking at our yard, makes me depressed thinking we have to totally start over with a new yard.
 photo IMG_5439_zpse7ad6939.jpg  photo IMG_5441_zps08b7a59e.jpg  photo IMG_5454_zpsc7e338b2.jpg  photo IMG_5458_zps4377ce6e.jpg  photo IMG_5461_zpsdda1ed40.jpg

We went to Lagoon a few days after moving. The weirdest part was getting home late that night and not having a garage to park in. We had to carry the sleeping kids in all individually across the parking lot and into our apartment. We have since done that routine a million times, including last night on New Years. Although last night it was FREEZING! I am looking forward to having a garage again!!!
 photo IMG_1819_zpsc15c2576.jpg

And here is Nora hanging out in our apartment. I was trying to see what luck I would have taking pictures of her using the little light that comes in sometimes during the day.
 photo IMG_5466_zps44632d80.jpg  photo IMG_5530_zps15c07895.jpg  photo IMG_5535_zps70d5b189.jpg