Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wasn't this just yesterday?

I am having a hard time keeping up on this blog lately! Maybe it is because time just won't slow down and is passing me by way too fast? To get in the bare minimum, I am trying to at least document the major holidays, so from Halloween I now jump to Thanksgiving... even though we are just finishing up Christmas. I am working on going through those pictures, so hopefully it won't be another month before I get those on here!

It seems like we just barely put up the tree and now it is time to take it down again! Thanksgiving break was full of relaxing, great family and food, and getting all geared up for the Christmas season.

Here's Coy, just cause he's cute. He is a hard one to get pictures of. He won't hold still and look even for a second.

Bennett with his "best friends"/cousins. Getting ready to eat!

Mylie and Olivia are ready, too!

I'm so glad my kids have cousins that are also their friends. We are lucky to all live so close together!

Later on during the break, Bennett and Mylie enjoyed relaxing watching a movie on the couch.

I just love how much they like each other. I hope that never changes!

Decorating the tree!

The snowflakes were all tangled up!