Monday, May 26, 2014

Spring Pics...

...of this little beauty about to be baptized HERE.

 photo IMG_5236editcrop_zps6cb2562b.jpg

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Nora: 7, 8, and 9 weeks, (and cute little Coy)

Here is Nora at SEVEN WEEKS. We were trying so hard to capture her smiles on camera that day. I don't think we were quite successful yet.

 photo IMG_4266_zps136c12e1.jpg  photo IMG_4269_zpsab3925d3.jpg  photo IMG_4286_zpsab50cfee.jpg
And then at EIGHT WEEKS: 
 photo IMG_4299_zpsf23e5b70.jpg  photo IMG_4300_zps5e6e0a0d.jpg  photo IMG_4303_zps29bb301f.jpg  photo IMG_4305_zpsaab0849c.jpg
Coy decided I needed to take his picture, too. (These days I call him my Funny Nut Cheerio.) 
 photo IMG_4306_zpscdebe28d.jpg  photo IMG_4309_zpsfb3166a2.jpg
 photo IMG_4310_zpse4366bdf.jpg  photo IMG_4334_zps3cf6d5f1.jpg

Awake in the Cradle

All of my babies went through it. We would get them all ready for bed, swaddled up, binky in, place them in the cradle, and there they would be wide-eyed as if wondering what in the world we were thinking! Night time is play time, right? So when I came across Nora's picture in the cradle, I was pretty sure I had taken one of all of my kids in the same state. I almost had one of all of them, but sweet little Coy was my good boy who was sleeping. I don't remember for sure, but I'm pretty sure he didn't have his days and nights mixed up too badly. Nora was probably my worst one. It took FOREVER to convince her that 8 PM was bedtime. She liked to stay up 'til between 11:00 and midnight, then be up again for an hour or two at around 4 AM. Glad she has it all pretty much figured out now!

Here are the cradle pictures:

 photo IMG_0961_zpsa32849a8.jpg
 photo IMG_4163_zpsc3575398.jpg
 photo IMG_9870x_zpse3408947.jpg
and NORA
 photo IMG_4287_zps783121ab.jpg

Cute little one-year-old~

I got to meet up with a good friend and take some pictures of her darling boy the other day! Full preview of this cute little one on my PHOTO BLOG. Take a look!  photo IMG_4973editcrop_zps0b629c43.jpg  photo IMG_5001editcrop_zps71e52ff5.jpg