Monday, April 25, 2011

{i hope}

I hope your Easter was fabulous.
I hope I can get through the 200+ pics I took among coloring eggs, hunting eggs, and of course the kiddos modeling their Easter clothing for me.
I hope I eventually get some more of them on this blog.
I hope spring weather will eventually come and stay.
And I hope this little girl stays this sweet forever...

Friday, April 22, 2011

~little monkeys~

Remember that ONE nice day we had for spring break? It was the perfect day for my monkeys to visit their friends at the zoo! We couldn't have asked for nicer weather. We were able to have a great time there and meet up with some cousins and grandparents.

Here are our ~lil' monkeys~

Mylie loves her daddy!

I remember lovin' these lion drinking fountains when I was a kid. But are they ever even on anymore?

Cute little buddies!

Kinda interesting trying to get a picture of all three of them.

Me and my babe. Growing too fast is what I think!

He mostly just hung out in the stroller.

Mylie wasn't scared of this elephant this time since it wasn't on and shooting water. Usually she cries and runs away from it. Making progress!

Making progress once again. She didn't cry about getting on the carousel or train! She was very brave, even though I could tell she was a little nervous. She chose to ride one of the animals that didn't go up and down. Playing it safe.

No fear, of course, from Bennett, choosing the fiercest animal. (By the way, we saw Disney Nature's African Cats today. It was really good! Crazy to think about what goes on out there in the jungle.)

Russ's parents met up with us for the visit. I know his mom is just going to love this picture of her and thank me for putting it on my blog :) The kids love riding on her wheelchair.

Here's Coy's first train ride!

Even the animals posed for me.

Have a great Easter Weekend!

Friday, April 15, 2011

I swear I will get these done eventually...

...but for now, isn't he the cutest little thing? I could kiss his little cheeks all day.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

{little angel}

Got to take some pictures of this little babe the other day. See more of her sweetness HERE.

Monday, April 4, 2011

I Have Now Entered the Last Year of my Twenties!!!

And I am already almost two weeks in! It just takes me a while to get around to blogging things sometimes. But I did want to share a little of my birthday and some of the feelings I had. It was such a good one! My cheeks hurt at the end of the day from smiling. When I look back at what I've become in the 29 years I've lived, I am truly happy and truly blessed. The greatest thing that has happened for sure is to be a wife and to become a mother of my three beautiful children. They are definitely my "greatest accomplishment." There's been a lot of talk lately how studies show that people who do not have children are "more happy." I really don't know how that can be!! I think if we define "happiness" as being able to do whatever we want whenever we want, it is a cheap replacement for the amazing capacity to feel unconditional love as we rear and raise children. What better way to try to understand God's love for us than to be able to take part in that love? I am so grateful to know how God intends us to find true happiness, and that is through having families! Well, on to the birthday!

My amazing husband decorated the hall and down the stairs from our bedroom with probably a hundred balloons. He had a yummy breakfast waiting from me of Martha Stewart's buttermilk pancakes.

He got me this new pot. I think he wants me to make him more soup...

Later that morning, I got to take pictures of my friends cute new baby, Gwyneth. It was fun to let our kids play and to visit.

She brought me these beautiful yellow tulips that I absolutely loved! Fresh flowers make me so happy! I enjoyed looking at them and feeling spring!

The day before my birthday, I had an official photo shoot with Coy. I got to edit this picture at one point in my day, but I don't know when I'll get around to all the rest! I guess I should be doing that instead of blogging. He is such a cutie. He makes me happy, too!

Later that night we dropped the kiddos off at my mom's so Russ and I could go out to eat. We changed our plans at the last minute so that we could try Tepanyaki. It was soooo good! Crazy enough we got seated right next to some family friends that I've known all my life. Their daughter shares the same birthday as I do. Then we got a huge surprise when the waitress didn't give us our check and told us it had been taken care of.... Some people are just too darn nice! I couldn't stop smiling as we left the restaurant.

After dinner, we came back to my parents' house and Russ had made me a German chocolate cake, my favorite! Yum!

Then my thoughtful brother, Patrick, came by and gave me these yummy things! They were a childhood favorite of ours.

Thanks so much to everyone that made my birthday so wonderful!!! I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family!