Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Easter Hunt at Home

Here's my next Easter post! On the Saturday before Easter, we start the day with our little Easter hunt at our house. The kids each get a new outfit for that Saturday and some dressy clothes for Sunday.

Apparently what the older kids got was more interesting to Coy!

I just love the messy morning hair!

I decided to make Mylie her Easter dress this year. I just kind of made it up in my head. Of course, it didn't quite turn out the way I'd imagined it, but it ended up being pretty cute. I'll show some more pictures of the kids in their clothes in an upcoming post! I'm sure you are so excited...

Friday, May 27, 2011

{coloring eggs}

I really have a lot I'd like to blog, so I am going to try and play "catch up." Right after my "I hope" post, things got a little crazy (i.e. a rare and crazy serious infection in my hubby's spine which put him up in the hospital for a bit), but things are getting mostly back to normal. So my "I hope" I blog easter is coming to pass!

We had a great time coloring Easter eggs again this year. The kids always look forward to it.

And of course, we immediately have to eat some right after! These two love boiled eggs (well at least the white part which I am totally OK with).

More Easter posts to come {I hope}.

Friday, May 20, 2011

You need to see this beautiful girl!

Check out her baptism photos on my PHOTO BLOG ~please~

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I told you I'd get them done!

Now that it has been almost two months since I took these pictures and it's about time for new ones, here is Coy at 7.5 months. Now that they are done, I just need to figure out which ones I am going to put on my walls... Hmmm. At the rate I've been going lately, he might be 2 years old by the time I do.

Sorry...there are just some things I don't want to forget!!