Sunday, June 30, 2013

Easter Hunt at Home

I'm feeling like I'm one of the only ones left who ever blog anymore. I guess a family blog is becoming a "lost art" because of facebook and istagram. Well since I am so "old-fashioned", I will try to continue this for anyone that cares. But mostly it is for me because it motivates me to keep on top of my photos so they will be ready when I am able to finally get them in a book. I am only a few months behind on here, but a couple years behind on my books...So anyway, here is our little Easter hunt at our home. It is always so fun to see the kids' excitement for traditions

(P.S. In case anyone is wondering just how old-fashioned we are around these parts, I don't have a facebook account, I don't have an iphone or any kind of smartphone--we have tracfones~gasp, and we watch TV using an antenna!)

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Easter Saturday~

I always look forward to our traditional Easter Hunt at my Granparents' each year. The kids (and the parents) had a blast as usual!
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Coy was thoroughly tuckered out afterward. He very rarely falls asleep. He had a very busy day running around and playing. (In fact he was soooo busy running about, he had a nasty accident in his underwear that he didn't even bother to let us know about...We were quite unprepared for that!
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Friday, June 7, 2013

My Birthday

My birthday was close to three months ago. I had all these pictures ready to blog and then just never got around to it! Don't let these adorable kiddos fool you. They were especially naughty on my birthday. I guess it is payback time. Didn't your mom always say the only thing she wanted for her birthday (or mother's day, etc.) was for the kids to just be good and not fight? And did she ever get that? Probably not :)

We got all dressed up and ready to go out to eat as a family. Mylie insisted that I wear a dress because it was my birthday after all.

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Piano and Basketball

I'm going to try and play a little catch up on here. We'll see how far I get :) These pictures are from March I think. Bennett loves playing the piano and he loves basketball.
 photo IMG_0003_zpsb42f58f5.jpg  photo IMG_0134_zpsca678473.jpg
Practicing Lay-ups.
 photo IMG_0144_zps547dbcdf.jpg  photo IMG_0153_zpse63353c2.jpg