Sunday, December 6, 2015

July 2015~Swingset

One of the things we had to leave behind at our old house was our beloved swingswet. We knew it was important to us to get one again at our new house. We bought one right after we moved in, and it sat in our garage for quite a few months until our yard was in and we were able to get some amazing family members to help us build it. (My brothers were great and helped us build a lot of things for our new house--our hoop, shed, and playset. I am sure they got tired of us asking for their help!) We also had so many other amazing neighbors, ward members, and family help us with our move and our yard. We are so blessed to know so many wonderful people. My dad also helped us get this thing all the way finished and was great at teaching my kids and including them in the building process. It brought back memories of when we built our last last one. He was right there as well helping build it and helping to include little Bennett.

 photo IMG_7609_zpspjeyghdi.jpg  photo IMG_7606_zps0orxxxmw.jpg  photo IMG_7604_zps9n4d9tif.jpg  photo IMG_7585_zpsdruvwxxy.jpg  photo IMG_7583_zpsytdzd5gy.jpg

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