Saturday, July 11, 2015

I Love My Family :)

Here are my cute kiddos on Easter Sunday. They are all so dear to me.

 photo IMG_7292_zpswiibsz9g.jpg  photo IMG_7291_zpspyofcbq0.jpg  photo IMG_7293_zpsw6pkotvq.jpg  photo IMG_7296_zpsnrhaczqd.jpg  photo IMG_7298_zps5av9zkm9.jpg  photo IMG_7299_zpsgdizud6k.jpg  photo IMG_7301 crop_zpspbhjr9gg.jpg  photo IMG_7302_zpsq8l4cz0o.jpg  photo IMG_7303_zpss2deubjm.jpg  photo IMG_7304_zpskubhstz5.jpg  photo IMG_7307_zpsyskf5lsp.jpg  photo IMG_7308_zpskhak9lmi.jpg  photo IMG_7309_zps8makwovh.jpg  photo IMG_7310_zpswlbnw4pv.jpg  photo IMG_7312 BLOG_zpsse8hpj6p.jpg  photo IMG_7313_zpsc50wjkzt.jpg  photo IMG_7317_zpsgrsds1cg.jpg  photo IMG_7319 crop_zpsa4yqnheg.jpg  photo IMG_7321_zpse6oq6rai.jpg  photo IMG_7323_zpsdrympcfj.jpg  photo IMG_7328_zpspheqookh.jpg  photo IMG_7331_zpslb2gpl1c.jpg

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Easter Sunday 2015 (1 of 2)~Plus a Look Back in Time~

Here is a look at our Easter Hunt we had Easter morning this year. It was all new having moved into our new house! For Russ and I, It was kind of weird hiding the eggs in different places than we were used to!

 photo IMG_7267_zpsjm0l5tfv.jpg  photo IMG_7272_zps1ubooueq.jpg  photo IMG_7273_zpsjfyw1cjq.jpg  photo IMG_7275_zpsjuiqqcz3.jpg  photo IMG_7287_zpss1oxhb7v.jpg
Each year, I have always taken a picture of the kids in front of (or on or near) the couch with their Easter baskets after they have finished hunting. I thought it would be fun to look back through the years at how things have changed. So here it is in rewind--all 10 years that I have been a mother on Easter. I never missed a year!
 photo IMG_7281_zpsdjfgv4hx.jpg  photo IMG_4904_zpsqu0ekxeg.jpg  photo IMG_0176_zpspzcnizlp.jpg  photo IMG_3720_zpsabiu5c1l.jpg  photo IMG_5569_zpsc057kubf.jpg  photo IMG_6224_zpsrl6nb8po.jpg  photo IMG_7984_zpskwgecm6c.jpg  photo IMG_4226_zpsdpixvrra.jpg  photo IMG_2684_zpsepj4hzcg.jpg  photo IMG_1576_zps2sllevap.jpg

Easter Saturday~2015

I love traditions! The Saturday before Easter is always a highlight of the year! We love the Easter Hunt and Barbecue my grandparents always host. It was fun seeing Nora take part in the hunt this year. She was happy with just one piece of candy in her bucket. Coy, on the other hand, was a whole other story. My other children (Bennett and Mylie) had always taken a somewhat timid and non-aggressive approach to the hunt when they were younger. Coy takes his candy and junk food seriously! That kid had the fullest bucket of candy and did not want to share one piece. Someone took a piece from him asking if he would share, and he had the biggest fit. I thought he'd fallen down and knocked a tooth out the way he was crying. You don't touch that kid's candy!

 photo IMG_7213_zpsno36eauj.jpg  photo IMG_7214_zpsk3wwogwq.jpg  photo IMG_7216_zpsrifdxh3g.jpg
This is my cute nephew, Davis. He has grown so fast! He is 7 months younger than Nora, but has caught up to her in size!
 photo IMG_7221_zpsqsz5sdjy.jpg  photo IMG_7226_zpsuo2kvz9d.jpg  photo IMG_7228_zpstmyenu5p.jpg  photo IMG_7230_zpshlkdjeiz.jpg  photo IMG_7233_zpszbkcviod.jpg  photo IMG_7238_zpsyxatnpb8.jpg  photo IMG_7245_zps0vrecjr2.jpg  photo IMG_7247_zpst2q8cnop.jpg  photo IMG_7248_zps6oa5x7ds.jpg  photo IMG_7249_zpsacinatzb.jpg  photo IMG_7252_zpstodqpjb0.jpg  photo IMG_7256_zpskzu6ih40.jpg

My boys later that night:
 photo IMG_7265_zpsgxfazgma.jpg