Sunday, May 30, 2010

{happy memorial day}

Here are some of my favorite pictures from today. Every year since I was little we have gone to this memorial service on the Sunday before Memorial day.

Before the boys got wild.

These two were pretty naughty, but they sure were cute!

Very hard seeing this in stone.

Mylie with my cute sis-in-law, Aariel.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cute family

Check out my cousin's cute family on my photo blog.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Way to go Russ!

Just a little shout out to my cute hubby. He completed his 6th marathon today and got a PR of 3:53! He did awesome and ran his best race ever...and he's feeling good now, which is a relief! I am so glad he loves to run and is able to accomplish his goals.
Big thumbs up for Daddy!

Love Bennett's face in this one. Pay no attention to my scraggly Mylie. (Uncombed hair, gasp!) She did have a darling hat on, but it got a little hot for it after a while)

Gotta love the pictures you take of yourself. Very flattering on the features.

Love you, Russ. GREAT JOB!!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

{room decor}

We got Mylie her "big girl bed" a couple weeks ago. (Big adjustments, but that is a whole other story.) I decided I wanted to update her room a little bit with some new pillows and drapes. You can find the cutest home decor fabric at Warehouse Fabrics Inc. for such great prices. I found her cute bedding surprisingly at I wanted white and was having a hard time finding an all white bedding I loved. I think the coverlet was a whopping $20. (But then they get you on the sham and bedskirt, because they cost about the same or more each!) I just love the scalloped edges.
I badly need to update the pictures in the frames in my kids' rooms. You'd think being my own photographer it wouldn't be such a chore, but I am always dreaming up the pictures I am going to get around to taking. I will do it before the baby gets here...

I was getting a little crafty. (Must be "nesting").

This is all old decor (below), minus the drapes, that I can't believe I was making or putting together 2 1/2 years ago. Although I know that Pink/blue/brown is way overdone now. Oh well...still cute.

Here are the drapes. I kind of just made them up and I think they turned out pretty cute!

Now the weirdest thing is having what we now call "The Boys' room." Pretty soon I am going to have "boys!" This is all old decor (nothing handmade here) that we got for Bennett. It was fun getting out his old crib stuff again for baby Coy. (By the way, that's the babe's name.) Bennett is so excited to have Coy share his room. He didn't mind one bit that we had to rearrange his room.

Mylie has withdrawals and still wants to sleep in her crib and I gave in on Sunday (I was desperate for her having nap). Big mistake. Now we have to constantly remind her this is "Coy's crib" (as she call's it). Sometimes she gets it.

I just had to add this little drawing Bennett did the other day all on his own. He got a piece of paper and asked for the crayons then came up to show me this. Of the purple figure he said "This is Coy when he is a little bigger." I just love this picture! Don't I have darling kids with awesome hair?


Check out this lovely senior on my photo blog.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

She is seeming like my favorite, I know...

But she just loves to pose!

I was setting up a shoot yesterday and Mylie wanted a turn. Just took a couple shots, but I thought they turned out darling (even if I am a little biased).

I have a couple new previews on my photo blog if you'd like to take a look...and much more coming! It's been a busy couple of weeks!