Sunday, December 6, 2015

July 2015~Cabin in Malad

Each July we head up to a family cabin in Malad, Idaho with the Harkness family to spend the weekend. The kids really love it and look forward to it. We play games, watch movies, eat food, and just have some fun down time.

Aunt Mary did some amazing face painting on the kids!

 photo IMG_7628_zpsifastu6k.jpg  photo IMG_7629_zpsyn26444d.jpg  photo IMG_7635_zps0d4xni82.jpg  photo IMG_7637_zps6npadzsv.jpg

Every year we do water games outside and the kids last about 2 seconds because it is always so windy there and cold. But they still insist we do it every year. Nora didn't care much for it, of course. 
 photo IMG_7644_zpszvv1snvk.jpg 
But she did like the squirting elephant.
 photo IMG_7647_zpstzszgusc.jpg  photo IMG_7651_zpsnxjddwtx.jpg  photo IMG_7657_zpshwwjpmac.jpg  photo IMG_7662_zpscjfrgja9.jpg  photo IMG_7664_zpsv265kvuv.jpg  photo IMG_7667_zps6fdqfdxw.jpg 
Coy was probably the bravest in the cold water.
 photo IMG_7671_zpsx0dxgoar.jpg 
We usually make tie-dyed shirts as well. It is fun to see how they turn out each year.
 photo IMG_7673_zpstwighm0i.jpg 
Nora really didn't like going to or being held by anyone but her parents for a long time. She still is hesitant at times. After my surgery, there were a few weeks when she wouldn't even have anything to do with me, and only wanted Russell.
 photo IMG_7674_zpsr3pvehfj.jpg  photo IMG_7677_zpszen2gfrl.jpg

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