Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mylie~Five Years Old!

I am really needing to get caught up on here! Mylie turned five almost a month and a half ago on Valentine's Day! It was such a fun and girly day. We had a cute "Princess Valentine's Party" with some little friends, then had family over at night! Mylie was a beautiful Princess Belle for her party.
 photo Belle0_zpsf984de8d.jpg  photo Belle1_zps3215a5c6.jpg  photo Decor0_zps007bcb31.jpg

At five years old, Mylie continues to be our singing, dancing, imaginitive, and happy little princess! She is loving preschool and cannot wait until Kindergarten starts!  She is learning to read very well, and is working on passing off her first grade reading level in preschool. She can play and imagine for hours, and spends most of her time singing songs...whether they are princess songs, barbie movie songs, or just made-up songs. She loves taking dance, is getting very flexible, and is catching on to it really well. She loves wearing tights and wants to pretty much wear a dress or skirt every day.

At her 5-year old/Kindergarten check up, she was so brave for her shots, and didn't cry or even act scared. (Thank you Daniel Tiger; she remembered to "close her eyes, and think of something happy.") And I wasn't surprised at all to find out that she is in the "underweight" category of children her same age and height. She was an average height and a whopping 29 pounds at her checkup, having a BMI of barely 12. (Beside's her birth weight, she has never even been on the charts for her weight.) And since we are now seeing a new pediatrician who is not familiar with Mylie's history, she was a little unhappy with her stats...We are now trying to "power pack" and since then she has gained about 1.5 pounds, give or take and depending on the day. Problem is, the girl never holds still so I think she burns off every little extra calorie I get in her! And she doesn't really like the whole milk (yuck, who can blame her?)

Mylie chose an Aurora cake this year, now her favorite princess over Snow White from last year. (Snow White is still a close second).
 photo Decor2_zps5379dfa5.jpg  photo Decor1_zpsa4dbd62e.jpg

Next, here are some pictures from her cute little princess party. She really has such darling little friends. I didn't get a picture, but she did make me dress up like a princess too. I was stunning in my junior prom dress. (Yea! At least it still fits...although I couldn't breath as well as well as before, I'm pretty sure having three kids has expanded my rib cage.)
 photo PP1_zps90dc1350.jpg
 photo PP5_zpsff6b74f7.jpg
 photo PP9_zps130eee4f.jpg
 photo PP8_zpsf9aec83b.jpg
Coy was so cute trying to keep up with the princesses. My neighbor was so nice and let me borrow her real little tea sets. The girls had fun filling and refilling their little cups with pink crystal light.
 photo PP7_zps96382d6c.jpg  photo PP6_zpsb4e187ca.jpg  photo PP4_zpsac1f3965.jpg  photo PP2_zpsd611953e.jpg  photo PP3_zps32bdd4d5.jpg
One of the games we played at the party was Pin the Kiss on the Frog.
 photo Frog1_zps1226b83b.jpg

Then Mylie got all ready for her party at night with her family to enjoy more little sandwiches and finger foods! We also got to cut into her cake and enjoy it in all its pink goodness.
 photo FP6_zps5920c229.jpg She got this darling little rocking chair from Russell's parents and the Happy Birthday crown from preschool the previous day. She got a lot of wear out of that crown!  photo FP2_zps8da22ec4.jpg  photo FP1_zps54e1479b.jpg  photo FP5_zps3b778594.jpg  photo FP4_zps23331cef.jpg  photo FP3_zpsa54f0db1.jpg
 photo FP7_zps9b509cbc.jpg


Saturday, March 9, 2013

My Session Today

Had a cute little baptism session today.  photo IMG_9979editcrop_zps88d3207a.jpg

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Kids' Valentines Pics

I took pictures of each of the kids to make some Valentines this year again, plus I was getting some of Mylie for her Five Year Old birthday pictures. Here are their Valentines for this year and their pictures.
 photo ZZ_zps60a08926.jpg  photo XX_zps5ea2569e.jpg  photo YY_zps698ddc7f.jpg  photo Z_zpsa464993d.jpg  photo Y_zpsc10e9244.jpg  photo X_zps8b146fbf.jpg  photo W_zpsb96205ed.jpg  photo V_zps9e79305f.jpg  photo U_zpseaf21da1.jpg  photo T_zps1bb794dd.jpg  photo S_zps41773b81.jpg  photo R_zps5d5c6039.jpg  photo Q_zps3ef67752.jpg  photo P_zps910d94ba.jpg  photo O_zpsb23ee65d.jpg  photo N_zps8b37acf4.jpg  photo M_zpsa07d3f05.jpg  photo L_zps68d8c09b.jpg  photo K_zpsf971423b.jpg  photo J_zpse5b59a37.jpg  photo I_zpsd3f2bc87.jpg  photo H_zpse2bd0ba7.jpg  photo G_zps8c31c038.jpg  photo F_zps99347f81.jpg  photo E_zpsd4a52b96.jpg  photo D_zps18aad4d3.jpg  photo C_zpsd538b4c0.jpg  photo B_zps3cb897fb.jpg