Saturday, May 23, 2015

Mylie's 7th Birthday~Valentine's Day

We celebrated Mylie's 7th birthday on Valentine's Day. Seven. I still can't believe it. Where does the time go? Mylie is the sweetest, kindest, little girl with such a big heart. It is very fitting that she is our Valentine's girl. The weather was absolutely warm and beautiful on her birthday this year! She chose to go to Chuck-a-Rama (she loves the salad bar), then we headed to my mom's to open presents and eat cake. She was beyond surprised and excited to get a real American Girl Doll!

At seven years old, Mylie loves to play, sing, dance, read, imagine, color, draw, create, jump rope, hula hoop, and play with her siblings. She is a very loving sister and daughter. She is so tenderhearted and tends to be the peacemaker. She loves chicken gravy on rice and green salads. She is currently losing teeth and growing in big huge ones that don't fit in her tiny mouth. One permanent tooth usually takes out 2 baby teeth on its way in.

As usual, here is the day in pictures:

Morning present and Valentine's gifts. (And can I just say, I don't miss that apartment at all?!)

 photo IMG_7095_zpsz1ilniok.jpg  photo IMG_7097_zpssy09ywvi.jpg

She is just too grown up!
 photo IMG_7104_zpshxxfmvfk.jpg  photo IMG_7110_zpsed9ldxsw.jpg  photo IMG_7112_zpspny6sbww.jpg  photo IMG_7115_zpszktb4ggx.jpg  photo IMG_7117_zpsl6zmve85.jpg

This little Coy just cracks me up. Him and those rain boots.
 photo IMG_7120_zpsjn8gz9fi.jpg 

I am so blessed to be the mommy of these four beautiful children!
 photo IMG_7127_zps44mynt1d.jpg  photo IMG_7129_zps9xuejudl.jpg  photo IMG_7132_zpsysqmdnya.jpg  photo IMG_7133_zpsvlewluft.jpg  photo IMG_7137_zpst7zpc1wh.jpg  photo IMG_7138_zps50exxd8g.jpg  photo IMG_7142_zpshud0qov8.jpg  photo IMG_7144_zpsxu360qsv.jpg  photo IMG_7145_zpsufgzzf9i.jpg 

Mylie's choice for her seventh birthday: Pink Kitty Cake.
 photo IMG_7151_zpsactm2y1f.jpg 

Biggest surprise ever:  the American Girl Doll!
 photo IMG_7161_zpsmhtgb64p.jpg  photo IMG_7164_zpsy126lh5m.jpg  photo IMG_7173_zpsuxr8v9oy.jpg  photo IMG_7175_zpsm9tshf7f.jpg

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Nora's First Pigtail

Nora hated every second of me giving her a little pigtail. She screamed and cried and acted as though I was killing her. This was back in February. As of now (it is May as I am writing this), she is so good when I do it and loves to be pretty. Thank goodness!

 photo IMG_7080 crop_zpsxtawua8e.jpg  photo IMG_7083_zpsyaiwrrjq.jpg  photo IMG_7082_zpsfmovov3c.jpg  photo IMG_7081 crop_zpsq03ji7tl.jpg

Rewind a few years. Here was Mylie's first pigtail. She had a lot more hair a lot earlier on. She was about 5 months in this picture.
 photo IMG_5503_zpsrjwsd0zf.jpg 

And here Mylie is at the same age as Nora was in these pictures. I was slicking Mylie's hair into little pigtails. Little girls are so fun :) These two look a lot alike to me, just not the hair color and amount.
 photo IMG_7497_zpssygkfwl1.jpg

Friday, May 15, 2015

January 2015

January is always a slow month. We had a lot of lazy days hanging around the apartment. We tried to have excuses to go somewhere as much as possible, even if it was just my parents' so we could stretch out and enjoy some window light.

Nora woke up from a nap, and found a visitor in her crib :)
 photo IMG_7049_zps4u0icnbv.jpg  photo IMG_7056_zps9zljsnmz.jpg

She must have been very tired.
 photo IMG_7059_zpsc6stpas5.jpg  photo IMG_7061_zpsgtp6uotc.jpg  photo IMG_7063_zpsszb6iajy.jpg  photo IMG_7069_zpsjq0r6b3b.jpg  photo IMG_7072_zpszxjkcsi0.jpg  photo IMG_7074_zps7mhm2wl5.jpg

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Christmas Day 2014

Christmas Morning at Grandma and Grandpa Monson's:

Bennett wanted most: Books and Perplexus Twist.
 photo IMG_7017_zpslzxya6qi.jpg 

Mylie wanted most: Frozen Barbies and and American Girl Doll bunk bed.
 photo IMG_7020_zpsl35irwxr.jpg 
Coy wanted most: A Nerf Gun
 photo IMG_7021_zpscj2ulqmt.jpg 
Nora wanted most: Wrapping Paper and whatever someone else had.
 photo IMG_7027_zpsr94zfb3f.jpg 

The kids planned and put on a show Christmas day. They spent a lot of time prior to Christmas choosing favorite Christmas songs, making up dances and actions, gathering props, making a program, and getting ready to perform. They are so funny. I love their creativity and the ideas they just come up with on their own.

Here are some photos of the show!
 photo IMG_7035_zpsugzikymm.jpg  photo IMG_7036_zpsyxubiedb.jpg  photo IMG_7039_zps9qqa4zcn.jpg

This is Bennett as "Santa Granny" (performed to Santa Baby).
 photo IMG_7043_zpssiocwctu.jpg  photo IMG_7047_zpsuhycn5on.jpg

Christmas Eve 2014

 photo IMG_7008_zpsip8dpsvi.jpg
Christmas was a bit of a bummer this year. A couple days before, we all came down with Influenza. All of us, that is, except Nora--which is extremely surprising considering our living conditions. We were quite a sight, all cooped up in our tiny apartment as sick as can be. Nora just ran around crazy as always wondering, what was wrong with all of us? (I was still nursing her, so maybe she got antibodies?) So come Christmas Eve, we were lucky enough to have all finally gotten rid of our fevers at least. I had taken all of  "Christmas" to my parents, and we were planning on sleeping there since we didn't have a true home of our own. (We didn't even get to put up our Christmas tree this year. We just got a teeny one from Walmart that we shoved in a corner.) So getting sick was quite a nuisance. Of course we had to still go to my parents'! So, we all ate in exile (we had a bedroom with a table all to ourselves away from everyone else), and then tried to keep on masks while we were gathered. We didn't want to share our germs, and we did our best. Here are some pics of the night:
We played a fun white elephant game.
 photo IMG_6943_zpsakm5mz0x.jpg  photo IMG_6944_zpsbn5c5aip.jpg  photo IMG_6945_zps4mmy0atg.jpg
Franklin was really excited to get some big, silky, purple, old lady underwear.
 photo IMG_6948_zpsbeovlco3.jpg 
Bennett really wanted a pet mouse (which someone had brought as a gift), but I insisted on him trading for something else (after all, no pets in the apartment). He chose an old bowling ball, instead with finger holes that would probably never fit any person ever in the history of time.
 photo IMG_6956_zpshmkqewcj.jpg  photo IMG_6961_zpsdpfa6y1p.jpg  photo IMG_6963_zpshdwwxytt.jpg  photo IMG_6965_zpsumh61qjs.jpg  photo IMG_6966_zpsyjaob4ao.jpg  photo IMG_6967_zpsvqngyv3n.jpg 
Awesome matching robes!
 photo IMG_6969_zpsme6wceaw.jpg
And awesome matching pullovers. Thanks Grandma!
 photo IMG_6972_zpsn9divica.jpg  photo IMG_6977_zpslcefsmhn.jpg  photo IMG_6979_zps55yu3vwk.jpg  photo IMG_6988_zpsmk74f7bo.jpg  photo IMG_6990_zpsdi0i5i1m.jpg  photo IMG_6993_zpstrlq7vca.jpg  photo IMG_6997_zpsxcsc0bed.jpg  photo IMG_7000_zpscrz06qxp.jpg  photo IMG_7002_zpsymo4of2m.jpg  photo IMG_7005_zpsj4chjw8q.jpg
Cute matching jammies!
 photo IMG_7009_zpso8p3jafv.jpg