Saturday, January 11, 2014

Bennett's Baptism Day

Bennett's Baptism day was an incredible day! It was so wonderful to see my first son make covenants to follow Jesus Christ and make the decision to become a member of the church. Bennett took his baptism very seriously and tried hard to understand what it meant in his life. I am so proud of him and the young man he is becoming.

He was able to wear the same white pants all of my brothers wore when they were baptized. I'm glad my mom had saved them! We borrowed a white jumpsuit from the Stake, but there were to be so many baptisms that weekend that we got one of the last was huge--almost big enough to fit me! Bennett's cousin, Franklin, got to wear the same pants the next month for his baptism, too!

After the baptism, we had family over for glazed donuts (Bennett's favorite) and Apple Cider (hot and cold.)

The day was absolutely beautiful! Even though it was the first weekend in November, the weather was gorgeous and we got to enjoy playing outside afterward and finishing up all of our last minute yard work. Bennett was able to put his new football to good use.

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Halloween 2013

I know we are into 2014 and the new year, but I am so behind and so on here it is Halloween 2013! We had lots of fun this year. Bennett was Harry Potter, Mylie was a Garden Fairy, and Coy was a Robot. I had fun making Mylie and Coy's costumes, and enjoyed getting Bennett's from Amazon :) His wand was homemade by Russ, though. So at least he had a little homemade in his this year. Here is all three of them. (Can't believe this was over 2 months ago! Time flies!)
 photo IMG_3443edit_zpse9821941.jpg
 photo IMG_3437editcrop_zps73a447f1.jpg  photo IMG_3447edit_zpsc3230b66.jpg  photo IMG_3450_zps1e61e929.jpg
The Beautiful GARDEN FAIRY:
 photo IMG_3461editcrop1_zpsdd20d154.jpg  photo IMG_3462edit_zps4c3ea070.jpg  photo IMG_3456_zpsffee9cd7.jpg  photo IMG_3457_zps64ba224b.jpg  photo IMG_3460edit_zpsb1dde25d.jpg  photo IMG_3463_zps23b5681e.jpg
 photo IMG_3464_zps743677d1.jpg  photo IMG_3467_zpsd75af9fb.jpg  photo IMG_3468_zpse57089df.jpg  photo IMG_3471_zpsf644d84a.jpg
The previous pictures were not actually taken on Halloween. We had a Halloween party on a nice weather day, and I am glad I got pictures that night! Here is actual Halloween night. Nora in my tummy got to be a Jack-O-Lantern.
 photo IMG_3546_zpsc0811142.jpg  photo IMG_3547_zps63e93b41.jpg  photo IMG_3549_zps77becc43.jpg  photo IMG_3553_zps378b00aa.jpg  photo IMG_3557_zps460c19aa.jpg  photo IMG_3562_zpseda71c96.jpg  photo IMG_3564_zps21b9ad3d.jpg  photo IMG_3567_zps228e106f.jpg  photo IMG_3568_zpse46adeec.jpg  photo IMG_3569_zps7884bc07.jpg

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Carving Pumpkins

I'm going to try to do a little backtracking and catch up on here. I had some posts ready before the baby came that I never got on here. Now my goal is to try to catch up so I can get some posts on here all about her! We'll see if I can ever get caught up on life. (Something tells me that will probably never happen....sigh...)

This is the first time we actually carved pumpkins with the kids. Every other year we have just painted them. I think the kids actually preferred the painting. There was not much they could do to help since carving involved big knives. Maybe next year we need to get a carving kit.

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