Monday, September 29, 2014

April Piano Recital

 photo IMG_1572_zpscf8d710c.jpg  photo IMG_1573_zps03fb2894.jpg  photo IMG_1574_zpsb15de6ff.jpg  photo IMG_1576_zpse1ebeca6.jpg

These two both did so well at their piano recital last April. They earned a certificate for memorizing their song and Bennett got a medal for accompanying in a group setting. He played Away in a Manger for the primary to sing to and he did it flawlessly! I am so glad these two are developing their talents in piano. Mylie is still catching on and maybe doesn't love it as much as Bennett, but Bennett has really taken to the piano and is really excelling! ...Although this week Mylie did exclaim-since her piano teacher gave her an easy version of Zippity Doo Dah- "Maybe I DO like piano!!!" I think she likes it for the most part, I just don't think she likes having to be tied down to practicing sometimes!

Bennett started up with new teacher this year and she is really pulling it out of him! I am so excited to see where he goes with the piano. In some ways he is already better than me. He grasps the theory of it all so well and has learned things I never did. It's been fun to learn along with him.

I must admit, it gets hard sometimes. I try to sit down with each of them after a lesson and go through everything they learned or were assigned and make sure they are grasping it and doing it correctly. This takes a lot of time sometimes (especially when they are new at piano) but hopefully it will be worth it in the end.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Looking Back~Miss Nora

This little lady has captured all of our hearts. It is so fun (and sad) looking back. She has grown so fast. Where has the time gone?!! These pics were when she was a little bit over 4 months. I'm slowly catching up! (These days she is getting near 10 months old...and is already saying little words. Crazy right? She already says uh-oh like a pro, and is starting to mimic little words...Like today it was "click" because that was what I was saying as I'd clip each of her fingernails. I think we might have an early talker on our hands like Mylie was, but I guess time will tell!) So anyway, back to when she was 4 months old....

 photo IMG_4753_zps36b6e082.jpg  photo IMG_4805crop_zps77ab020a.jpg  photo IMG_4804_zpsf8272238.jpg  photo IMG_4743_zps5c096ff5.jpg  photo IMG_4741_zps064f3a66.jpg  photo IMG_4738_zpsdebf44e2.jpg

Saturday, September 20, 2014


I still take pictures for people every once in a while. There is a new preview up on my photo blog. CLICK HERE to see more!  photo IMG_6112editcrop_zps27395139.jpg

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mylie & Nora~April 2014

Sister love. I love these two. Here are some cute pics I took back in April. Nora was 4 months old.

 photo IMG_4717_zpsa2bfe9b1.jpg  photo IMG_4716_zps616d0346.jpg  photo IMG_4668_zpsaae3190a.jpg  photo IMG_4711_zps6e3798ab.jpg  photo IMG_4691_zps613306f7.jpg  photo IMG_4693_zps852e177e.jpg  photo IMG_4686_zpsf98f431d.jpg  photo IMG_4664_zps722c7635.jpg

My Magnolia Tree

Saying good-bye to my Magnolia tree was probably one of the hardest parts of moving. Even though the house is not "mine" anymore, I think I will always still consider the tree to be mine. Moving is so hard when you have put so much of yourself into the home and yard. My mom has a beautiful Magnolia tree so when I had a house of my own, it was one of the first things we added to our yard.

Look at the growth! We planted it summer of 2006. We moved in July 2014. It is amazing to see how it grew!
 photo magblog1_zpsfc6f1a5c.jpg
Here's Mylie with it at two separate times. The first when it was in bloom in 2010 (kind of like the half-way point) then when it bloomed for the last time before we moved in April of 2014.
 photo magblog2_zps0271b051.jpg
Here are some more pictures I took back in April of my beautiful tree (and daughter). We are planning on planting another one at our new house. It will be so hard to wait for it to grow again...
 photo magblog3_zps198f1499.jpg  photo IMG_4730crop_zps52cdfa6e.jpg  photo IMG_4731_zpsac27f7e6.jpg  photo IMG_4731crop_zps72adc481.jpg
 photo magblog4_zpsa4600e5e.jpg

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Birthday!

Aaaagh! If I am writing about my birthday, that means I am almost 6 months behind on here! Bennett was actually reminding me this morning about my half birthday.

My birthday was great this year! We celebrated by taking the family to Chuck-a-Rama! It was actually REALLY good, and it was so much fun for the kiddos! Nora was a little angel and actually slept almost the whole time while we ate...which is saying something because she was still getting over her surgery at the time. All I wanted for my birthday was a happy baby, and I actually got it that day! My parents came too, and it was nice to visit and eat with them as well. Plus my mom had all the info on what was good to get, since they had been there recently. (I probably haven't been there in over 10 years!) I am getting hungry just thinking about it.

I also bought myself the movie Frozen for my birthday and we all watched it that night. I hadn't seen it and it was nice to finally see how the songs fit into the movie since my kids had been playing the soundtrack like crazy in the weeks previous.

There are probably some other wonderful things about my birthday that I could write, but seeing as it was almost half a year ago and that it is late and I have been up since 4:50 AM, I cannot think and just need to go to bed! So here are the pictures:

 photo IMG_1521_zps0ecb7f01.jpg  photo IMG_1522_zpsadc03a60.jpg  photo IMG_1529_zpse04c9467.jpg 
Here's Nora, just because she's cute:
 photo IMG_1544_zps1471a008.jpg
Oh, these are way cute Frozen "figurines" that Mylie made for the occasion. She is always so creative and is constantly creating art :)
 photo IMG_1545_zps77816848.jpg
Speaking of creating things, Mylie also made a crown for Nora one day. Isn't it so darling? My girls truly are my little princesses!
 photo noracrownforblog_zps983513d2.jpg

Friday, August 29, 2014

Dear Impostor "Emily Harkn" on Facebook


It has just been brought to my attention that someone out there has been using my life--pictures, text, kids, family, and everything I hold dear on this blog--on Facebook while pretending to be me!!!! For the past THREE YEARS at least! I am flattered that someone wants to pretend to be me, but for WHAT??!! And WHY?!!! Whoever you are, PLEASE STOP!!! Do not continue to steal my images and my life. Please delete your Facebook page. I have reported you to Facebook, but do the decent thing and just quit it.

It is really weird that I have a bunch of strangers who are "friends" with "me" as Emily Harkn. This impostor quotes things I say on my blog, but then also makes up stories using my family members. People tell "her"  how beautiful my children are!. It is just sickening. My informant--who is a complete stranger to me but was "friends" on Facebook with Emily Harkn--caught on to something fishy with it, and found the real me. She gave me screenshots of what is going on, since I am not on Facebook and am obviously not "friends" with Emily Harkn. One of the funniest thing I saw on one of the screenshots she gave me was a post where Mylie noticed me putting chemicals in my Tea and I exclaimed that I can't even "have a little whiskey without someone noticing." Ha, ha. Obviously this impostor hasn't noticed my standards and lifestyle (my religious beliefs) and that I do not drink tea or whiskey. Which is ironic since they posted pictures of Nora on her blessing day....Do they even know what that is?

People have wished "me" happy birthday, have congratulated "me" on my pregnancy and delivery of Nora, and it goes on and on.


Thursday, August 14, 2014


Back in early March, Russ started talking about selling our house and building just a street back and over from it. I kind of shrugged and thought, sure, whatever. I was in no hurry to sell our house and move. We weren't ready! That was something that was always WAY down the road. We'd always hoped/planned on it for someday, but I never thought the time would really come. So I just told him go ahead, whatever, we could probably make it work, but I wasn't going to do anything about it. I guess I didn't really think he'd make the plunge. Pretty much in our marriage, it is always me that gives the OK, or the "it's time", for the big decisions. We support each other, but to be honest, Russ is not usually the take-charge sort of person. So suddenly when we had meetings scheduled with builders and he had a Realtor come to our house I knew he was serious. But it wasn't until a "For Sale" sign was being hammered into our front yard did I realize just HOW SERIOUS he was. See, I'd been so busy dealing with Nora's crazy condition, surgery, and recovery, plus the pleurisy I'd developed in my rib cage (ouch!), I had no energy left to worry about house selling, etc. So come April 1st, our house was listed and we sold it by mid-June, and were out on July 12th.

When I was expecting Nora, I had great plans for rearranging kids' bedrooms: turning Mylie's room into Coy's, moving Bennett downstairs, and making a cute room for the two girls to share! Talk about a lot of effort when we just up and sold the house a few months later! At the time, I had no idea it would be like that. I thought we'd be there a few more years. But the time was right. We prayed and searched and really know the Lord was guiding us in the decisions we were and are making. We will get to stay in the same neighborhood and Ward, and our kids will get to continue going to the same school.

So it is bittersweet! I really miss my house in some ways...I loved it! I sobbed and vocally told each room goodbye when I finally shut the door at the end of moving day. We had all four of our children there! In fact we discovered I was pregnant with Bennett just 4 days after we moved in. I felt like our home was us. It was our family. But I am so excited to build a new one! Right now it is just hard because we are crammed in a 2-bedroom, dark apartment until at least Christmastime. We really miss our space, and I do miss my kiddos cute little rooms. I think once our new house starts to take shape, it will not be so hard. So here are some photos of their rooms.

Coy's Room:
I think I will paint stripes again for Coy's room. They were so cute, even though they were a lot of work! But I only got to enjoy them for a few months.

 photo coysroom_zps7d0b74e6.jpg  photo coysroom4_zps17b8f76e.jpg  photo coysroom2_zpsd0ea4514.jpg
Mylie and Nora's Room: I love all the cute fabric options out there! I literally spent hours on and Hawthorn Threads staring at fabric and trying to tie it all in. I am happy with how it all turned out!
 photo girlsroom_zpsb1ab05f3.jpg  photo girlsroom4_zps3d610eb4.jpg  photo girlsroom3_zps2b7233c7.jpg  photo girlsroom2_zps6e4de2d5.jpg
Bennett's Room: I miss Bennett's room the most, and I think he of all the kids misses his room the most! It may have not been the best decorated room in the house, but it was just SO HIM! It was our playroom in the basement that we turned into his bedroom. He absolutely loves to read, so the little corner shelf was just perfect. He read with his lamp on every night, and the shelves along the walls were just perfect for all his books! He and I were so sad he didn't even get to be in that room for a year! We will have to find him a good headboard with built in shelves at our new house!
 photo bennettsroom4_zps5adabc8d.jpg  photo bennettsroom_zps548b1087.jpg  photo bennettsroom2_zps2ac51362.jpg  photo bennettsroom3_zps94da3362.jpg
I surely miss tucking them all in at night in their cute, individual rooms! But it is fun seeing now them all lined up in their beds at night when they have all FINALLY fallen asleep. We luckily were able to fit three twin beds all in a row, plus three dressers in one of the rooms here in the apartment. They think it is a party/sleepover every night and bedtime is kind of a joke, but they are getting a little better now. It's fun to kiss them all when they are sleeping. But I am sure we will be good and ready to separate them all when our new house is done! Oh, and Nora shares a room with us. It's all kind of crazy, but I am sure we will have good memories of it all. I just keep telling myself it will all just be a distant memory someday...We will get through this!!!

Pictures from March

Wow, I am so behind on here. Will I ever catch up or do I just need to give up? Life has been a crazy whirlwind lately, and my picture-taking, organizing, editing, etc. hobby has really taken a back burner. Who knew 4 kids could be so much work? Oh, and throw into the mix selling our house, moving into a small apartment, and just the everyday craziness of summer life! So here are some pictures from way back in March when little Nora was just 3 to 3.5 months old. (As of today while I am typing this she is 8 months old...Crazy!!!) She is such a little joy in our family. She is surely loved :)
 photo IMG_4480crop_zpsb0eec53d.jpg  photo IMG_4482_zps86532bea.jpg  photo IMG_4486crop_zpsec0725f4.jpg  photo IMG_4489_zps9b3e7e4f.jpg  photo IMG_4501crop_zps0696b47d.jpg  photo IMG_4507_zps6429c300.jpg  photo IMG_4514crop_zpsa86b67d9.jpg  photo IMG_4517_zpsc008323c.jpg  photo IMG_4518_zps8936e1a9.jpg  photo IMG_4518crop_zpsebc1d903.jpg