Sunday, November 8, 2015

June 2015~Hip Surgery, 5k, and Talent Show

Here's a look back at June of 2015. I had hip surgery at the very end of May, and so my June was pretty much spent lying down, trying to recover. (A recovery that I am still working on to this day, unfortunately.) At least I am not as debilitated as I was back then!

On one of the many days I was spending lying around tethered to my ice machine, I was watching a movie with my kids. Nora sat in this little container for the whole thing. It was the first picture I took with my big camera (that had been gathering dust) since my surgery. Dear Russ was mopping the floor for me that day as well. He sure had to be Mr. Mom there for a few weeks. Going through that surgery and not being able to do almost anything as a mom and homemaker for several weeks was one of the hardest things I have ever experienced!

 photo IMG_7475_zpsdzsnunzt.jpg  photo IMG_7476_zpsakbzw7rg.jpg
Pretty much my first outings after surgery were on Founders Day. Bennett ran the 5k, as did many other members of my family. I didn't get to train at all with Bennett this year, and am at a point in my life now (almost 6 months after surgery) where I don't know if I will ever be able to run much again! (Ironic because the surgery was supposed to help me to be able to run and exercise more without having pain anymore.) As of now, I am finally getting so that I can run a few feet at a time. I hope someday I will be able to run with my kids again. Even Nora can run faster than me!
Bennett didn't have his best race this day and was very disappointed this year. Hopefully next year we will be able to support him better in getting ready for the race. He still did an amazing job and ran 22:32!
 photo IMG_7490_zpsyqfgzuxu.jpg photo IMG_7484_zpseus4a34w.jpg  photo IMG_7486_zpsjwitg0vs.jpg  photo IMG_7488_zpswerryfpb.jpg
Here's how they really felt after the race :)
 photo IMG_7491_zpsaf6lmwgf.jpg  photo IMG_7492_zpsw5hrciww.jpg  photo IMG_7495_zpsj7nyhwru.jpg
Later that same day, Mylie sang in a talent show with her cute friend. They sang a song called "Read me a Memory." It was so sweet and they did such a good job! I am grateful for the good friends my kiddos have.
 photo IMG_7497_zpsxewcetav.jpg  photo IMG_7499_zpskutzqvgb.jpg  photo IMG_7503_zpsrnrfx2rp.jpg  photo IMG_7504_zpsiq2dxt1y.jpg

I am glad my kids are able to pursue their talents and have so many opportunities to do so. It is so fun to watch them learn and grow and experience life! And I am grateful that I am in good health to be there for them and to experience life with them. Having surgery and not being able to do anything has really opened my eyes and made me so grateful for the health and abilities that I do have!

May 2015

Here are some highlights from May of 2015. Mylie had her piano recital. She got all dressed up in a new dress and had to pose for some pictures.
 photo IMG_7379 crop_zpsebfvrlxv.jpg  photo IMG_7383_zpsrv0b3wkr.jpg  photo IMG_7386_zpsqq3jcmva.jpg  photo IMG_7387_zpsfyue3wla.jpg  photo IMG_7388_zpsyty8ecx7.jpg  photo IMG_7391_zpscnodmeca.jpg  photo IMG_7393_zpsbczebwdh.jpg  photo IMG_7405_zpsizfkbjgb.jpg
More of Nora and Coy, and even more of Nora and her cute little pigtails on top.
 photo IMG_7417_zpsae8y4eey.jpg  photo IMG_7418_zpses1rdp9s.jpg  photo IMG_7426_zpsop1skhz0.jpg  photo IMG_7427_zpsski5lhnc.jpg  photo IMG_7431_zpssjcydard.jpg  photo IMG_7441 crop_zpsbx0rxhhy.jpg  photo IMG_7441_zpss5d5zpxx.jpg  photo IMG_7445_zpsyzk0xhis.jpg
And a few pictures from Mylie's dance recital:
 photo IMG_7454_zpswyplumt3.jpg  photo IMG_7456_zpszdcpuq2r.jpg  photo IMG_7460_zpswjqmdtga.jpg  photo IMG_7468_zps8iwddtc1.jpg  photo IMG_7470_zpsklslprcy.jpg  photo IMG_7471_zpscjfu9azd.jpg

Monday, September 14, 2015

It has been FOREVER....

...since I have taken Mylie out (let alone any of my kids) for a photo shoot. It really has been 3 years actually since I took Mylie out for pictures. Here is one I had to hurry and get done so I can paste it on her Star Student poster that is due tomorrow.

 photo IMG_7925 edit crop BLOG_zpsaklnroip.jpg

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Coy and Nora~Photos from April

Just got all ready for the day. Love hanging out with these two. Can't believe school will be starting soon and it will just be me home with these two again...except for when Coy goes to Preschool; then it will just be me and Nora. Crazy how fast these kids grow up and how fast time goes!
 photo IMG_7359 crop_zpsw96wzxb6.jpg  photo IMG_7373_zpsxotjsrfb.jpg  photo IMG_7362 crop_zpsu6bti6cw.jpg  photo IMG_7365_zpsdy28dwpi.jpg  photo IMG_7367_zpssh1njh4o.jpg  photo IMG_7371_zpsgjpnewff.jpg

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Mylie My Dancer

Mylie did a lot of dancing last Spring! Here are some pictures of her all ready to go one night. Mylie truly loves dancing and performing. She dances with her whole heart!

 photo IMG_7344 crop_zpsrzsfhte2.jpg  photo IMG_7353_zpsl5nxown7.jpg  photo IMG_7352_zpsc7ozweku.jpg  photo IMG_7356_zpsgqeafa5p.jpg  photo IMG_7355_zps6okhtzgk.jpg  photo IMG_7338_zpssjeqyqdx.jpg
Someone took this of Mylie's team at a dance competition. I got it from the dance facebook page. Mylie's is the one at the top :)
 photo Facebook Pic_zps1wpsbg56.jpg

Saturday, July 11, 2015

I Love My Family :)

Here are my cute kiddos on Easter Sunday. They are all so dear to me.

 photo IMG_7292_zpswiibsz9g.jpg  photo IMG_7291_zpspyofcbq0.jpg  photo IMG_7293_zpsw6pkotvq.jpg  photo IMG_7296_zpsnrhaczqd.jpg  photo IMG_7298_zps5av9zkm9.jpg  photo IMG_7299_zpsgdizud6k.jpg  photo IMG_7301 crop_zpspbhjr9gg.jpg  photo IMG_7302_zpsq8l4cz0o.jpg  photo IMG_7303_zpss2deubjm.jpg  photo IMG_7304_zpskubhstz5.jpg  photo IMG_7307_zpsyskf5lsp.jpg  photo IMG_7308_zpskhak9lmi.jpg  photo IMG_7309_zps8makwovh.jpg  photo IMG_7310_zpswlbnw4pv.jpg  photo IMG_7312 BLOG_zpsse8hpj6p.jpg  photo IMG_7313_zpsc50wjkzt.jpg  photo IMG_7317_zpsgrsds1cg.jpg  photo IMG_7319 crop_zpsa4yqnheg.jpg  photo IMG_7321_zpse6oq6rai.jpg  photo IMG_7323_zpsdrympcfj.jpg  photo IMG_7328_zpspheqookh.jpg  photo IMG_7331_zpslb2gpl1c.jpg