Monday, August 14, 2017

First Day of School 2016

The first day of school is always an exciting event!
This year (2016) Bennett went to fifth grade and Mylie went to third. Coy started kindergarten a week after the two older kids, so he had his very own first day of school.

 photo IMG_9907_zpsda0pyeqw.jpg  photo IMG_9903_zpspsa0bcsn.jpg  photo IMG_9922_zpsxiaesqtz.jpg  photo IMG_9898_zpsniqectyy.jpg  photo IMG_9901_zpszzuf1b0u.jpg  photo IMG_9902_zps7whgwzam.jpg  photo IMG_9905_zpshgf4iiso.jpg  photo IMG_9911_zpskh0ttnsz.jpg  photo IMG_9913_zpscxksfntc.jpg  photo IMG_9917_zpsuw6pskvr.jpg  photo IMG_9919_zpsptk4ywwy.jpg  photo IMG_9926_zpso7hrkhpw.jpg  photo IMG_9928_zps5l6mpkao.jpg

I like that on the first day of Kindergarten, they let the parents come in to help the kids find their desks, let us tell them goodbye, and take a picture or two. Coy was just super excited!
 photo 20160830_123150_zpsdykd70et.jpg 

Nora was a little sad to say goodbye, but she learned to love the one-on-one time she got with just mom every afternoon.
 photo 20160830_123157_zpswdfuuxfj.jpg  photo 20160830_123204_zpsmd2ktrq5.jpg

Our Garden

Russell does a great job with our garden each year. He loves to do a vegetable garden and it is so great to have fresh produce each summer and fall. Last year's garden was such a great success! We got SO MUCH yummy corn, tons of green beans (which I learned how to can last year), and we made a lot of freezer salsa!

It's crazy how every year is different, though. This year (2017), the garden has not been so prolific. Maybe it is a blessing in disguise since I don't feel much like canning and dealing with produce this year! (I am due to have our fifth baby in 2 weeks.)

Here are some pictures from last year (2016).

 photo IMG_9849_zpsmh5syhot.jpg  photo IMG_9846_zpsyrbemntd.jpg
One morning, Bennett and I had a great time peeling tons of corn! It was so delicious!
 photo 20160805_101453_zps5bp3wfwl.jpg  photo 20160805_101508_zpstpdy9iaw.jpg  photo 20160805_101524_zps1n0vkowv.jpg  photo 20160805_101529_zpsmsd8fry1.jpg 
Pretty crazy though how so many ears of corn only produce a small bag of actual corn. We did eat some of it, but  then froze what was left.
 photo 20160805_122501_zpshy612htb.jpg

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Coy's 6th Birthday~2016

Here is a look back one year ago when Coy turned Six Years Old! I wish I was caught up on here so that I didn't have to remember all of the details from a year ago...This was right before he started Kindergarten. He was very excited. Like always, Coy is our energetic boy that has a zest for life! He loves to figure out how things work, loves to help in the kitchen and with the yard work, and is super smart.

He loves Angry Birds and wanted an Angry Birds cake this year. I think he might have been even more excited about the gumballs around the perimeter of the cake!

Handsome little Six-Year-Old:
 photo IMG_9865_zpss3kubykq.jpg  photo IMG_9868_zpsutoz9ca0.jpg 

Morning excitement! My kids always get excited to see how their cakes turn out. Luckily this one turned out better than I hoped!
 photo IMG_9840_zpslhi9iulr.jpg  photo IMG_9828_zps5k86dg9l.jpg  photo IMG_9830_zpsnhp0wydz.jpg  photo IMG_9832_zpsdsm8gxjt.jpg  photo IMG_9837_zps23jlwahk.jpg 

We usually let our kids open a special present (or two) in the morning so they have something fun to play with throughout the day while they wait for their party at night when they open the rest of their presents. Coy wanted this Light Saber really badly!
 photo IMG_9843_zpsuj6qblvj.jpg 

We had a fun time that day going to Classic Waterslides. I hadn't been since I was a kid! I can't believe that place is still standing. I remember it being a lot bigger....probably because I was a lot smaller! The kids (especially Russ) had a blast. (Although Nora's favorite part was when I bought her some nachos. She wasn't digging the place.)
 photo 20160808_171104_zpspdpjtre7.jpg  photo 20160808_171111_zpsmwv1qevr.jpg

The party table~ Always a lot of sugar to go around!
 photo IMG_9851_zpst7icovup.jpg  photo IMG_9853_zpsgs40gb9y.jpg  photo IMG_9854_zpsqtzuuwdh.jpg  photo IMG_9858_zpspioxuhdg.jpg  photo IMG_9860_zpscjftffsg.jpg  photo IMG_9871_zpsfuukcskd.jpg 

Can't forget how darling Nora's outfit and props were that night :)
 photo IMG_9857_zps92uxwpso.jpg  photo IMG_9877_zpsgassnksc.jpg  photo IMG_9881_zpsaks5uihj.jpg  photo IMG_9886_zpsr0ox5odz.jpg  photo IMG_9891_zpsjf9fgwjp.jpg  photo IMG_9893_zpstrvhqlh0.jpg  photo IMG_9896_zpswmq3jt1a.jpg  photo IMG_9897_zpsbng1by82.jpg

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Joseph~North Ogden's First Community Play~August 2016

Last summer North Ogden put on it's first community play, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. It was so sun to be a part of. Bennett and Mylie got to be in the children's chorus, and they loved every minute of it. I was able to be one of the narrators. It was a great experience and so much fun to be in a play with my kiddos! The last play I had been in before this one was 11 years earlier when I was narrator in Joseph and was pregnant with Bennett!

These pictures were taken almost exactly a year ago on August 4, 2016. So fun to look back!

The kids are all dressed up and ready to go:
 photo IMG_9816 crop_zpszoeeotpw.jpg 

Nora had to get in on the fun. She enjoyed coming to every performance and knew all the songs!
 photo IMG_9813_zps28zbcumv.jpg  photo IMG_9818_zpsvza2pxcp.jpg  photo IMG_9815_zpsn17ddyf1.jpg

Waiting "backstage" for the play to start. Mylie had one of her good friends in it as well!
 photo IMG_9820_zps3uqpt9jl.jpg  photo IMG_9823_zpsg18purk7.jpg

Me with the other narrators, getting ready to go on:
 photo IMG_9825_zpsybgkmzab.jpg