Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Zoo (Again!)

Here is my last post from May 2014. We went to the zoo again, this time with the whole family, my mom, and my brother's family. I sure love the zoo! We were able to see the bird show this time, which I LOVE, and just enjoy perfect weather. We tried to use our zoo pass one more time after this day, but ended up getting rained out. So this was our last good visit on our year membership. I would love to get a membership again sometime! We let the kids each bring some of their own money to pick out a souvenir. This was a good thing since they always beg for everything there (like kids do), and it helped them really choose something they for sure wanted. Bennett chose a stuffed polar bear (he really loves stuffed animals), Mylie got the butterfly umbrella (which I can say she has gotten some good use out of up to this point), and Coy picked a bubble gun, which he has had tons of fun with, when it chooses to work properly! Here are the photos from our day:

 photo IMG_1699_zpsbe66383e.jpg  photo IMG_1700_zpsf9fd30ad.jpg  photo IMG_1701_zpsc072acf7.jpg  photo IMG_1703_zps8f8f1d92.jpg  photo IMG_1704_zpsf42c7e16.jpg  photo IMG_1706_zpscf32e2f7.jpg  photo IMG_1707_zps9d0aefb1.jpg  photo IMG_1708_zpsffca0195.jpg  photo IMG_1709_zps1306b489.jpg  photo IMG_1711_zps3e8f5650.jpg  photo IMG_1713_zps425842b6.jpg  photo IMG_1714_zps2677db94.jpg  photo IMG_1715_zps9bc21b91.jpg  photo IMG_1717_zpsb5179d81.jpg  photo IMG_1718_zps727835f5.jpg  photo IMG_1719_zps67ae0242.jpg  photo IMG_1721_zps8a69e526.jpg

Mylie's Dance Recital

Mylie had her dance recital at the end of May. She had some super cute costumes. And of course she is super cute, too. She sure shines on stage! She is a natural performer and still is yet to be shy to perform in front of anyone or any group. I hope it lasts!
 photo IMG_5323_zps439027cc.jpg  photo IMG_5325crop_zps1bbaf52d.jpg  photo IMG_5330_zps669bb90d.jpg  photo IMG_5332_zps4d7120cb.jpg  photo IMG_5333_zpsa2e47ab9.jpg  photo IMG_5337_zps7ce7cf21.jpg  photo IMG_5339_zpsa2980cc8.jpg  photo IMG_5340_zps9c9c3449.jpg  photo IMG_5342_zps54c82e57.jpg  photo IMG_5344crop_zpsf30251d6.jpg  photo IMG_5346_zps7d4fe5c3.jpg  photo IMG_5348_zps7bc047f3.jpg  photo IMG_5350_zpsfb4f9e6a.jpg  photo IMG_5354crop_zps1f844ebb.jpg  photo IMG_5358crop_zps1b7485a9.jpg

Summer Kickoff: Timpanogas Cave!

Our first activity of the summer was hiking up to Timpanogas cave and of course getting a tour of the inside! It was amazing and so much fun. The kids loved every bit of it. And Nora got a nice cool nap inside.

 photo IMG_1660_zps22badb1e.jpg  photo IMG_1661_zps07f4acdf.jpg  photo IMG_1664_zps141d0d99.jpg  photo IMG_1666_zpsf11fdb37.jpg  photo IMG_1669_zps9cc5b210.jpg  photo IMG_1671_zps451f4b55.jpg  photo IMG_1674_zps6fadb01e.jpg  photo IMG_1675_zps93fc4338.jpg  photo IMG_1682_zps04177763.jpg  photo IMG_1683_zpseadbee1b.jpg  photo IMG_1684_zps6caf8ac3.jpg  photo IMG_1685_zps27dbd2e8.jpg  photo IMG_1688_zps87b32185.jpg  photo IMG_1689_zps829da595.jpg  photo IMG_1692_zpsa6f6076a.jpg  photo IMG_1695_zps03cd13b7.jpg

My niece's first dance :)

Since I am drastically behind on here, I never did share these photos of my cute niece's first dance. My mom and I were able to be there to take some pictures and see her off. Oh, and how may people (not to mention pliers) does it take to put on a boutonniere?

Isn't she pretty? Her mama is probably so proud :)
 photo IMG_5294editcrop_zpsc04022c8.jpg  photo IMG_5296edit_zps0668cfd6.jpg  photo IMG_5283_zpse49def81.jpg  photo IMG_5289_zps7ab105fe.jpg  photo IMG_5291_zps19d9f5c5.jpg  photo IMG_5293edit_zps2e892f85.jpg  photo IMG_5295edit_zpsee517583.jpg  photo IMG_5299_zpsda461aba.jpg  photo IMG_5303_zpsc055b1c3.jpg  photo IMG_5304_zpsd1a9609b.jpg  photo IMG_5305_zps02791bdf.jpg  photo IMG_5306_zpscbf58b70.jpg 

Some trampoline fun. This is Lillie.
 photo IMG_5307_zps31d73776.jpg  photo IMG_5308_zps14c8eda7.jpg  photo IMG_5309_zps6bfdcb78.jpg 
And this spunky girl is Linda.
 photo IMG_5310_zps9d86581f.jpg
And this chunky baby is Hinckley (he also has a twin that I didn't get a picture of.)
 photo IMG_5313_zps94b26057.jpg