Monday, October 20, 2014

True Beauty

These girls are the epitome of beauty. They are all beautiful inside and out. I am so lucky to know them. See their family photos HERE.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

My Darling Dancer

Here are a few of Mylie's dance photos this year. I love all the darling costumes, and of course the darling little girl wearing them! She LOVES to dance :)

 photo IMG_5063_zps00455bac.jpg  photo IMG_5064_zpsa1af9c84.jpg  photo IMG_5010_zpsc951069d.jpg  photo IMG_4968_zps4e3b95c9.jpg  photo IMG_4960_zpse9d1cb1c.jpg

Easter Sunday 2014

On Easter we had our little traditional hunt at our house in the morning before church, then the kids got dressed up in their Sunday best.

 photo IMG_4892_zps5ea76ebd.jpg  photo IMG_4901_zps5c8323bd.jpg
I always try to take the same shot every year so I can see how the kids grow through the years. So here it is, in front of the couch with Easter goodies and messy hair. So fun to add Nora to the group this year! Can't believe next Easter she'll be running around with the others :)
 photo IMG_4904_zps4f3b80d0.jpg  photo IMG_4906_zpsdbb78e3b.jpg
Cute sisters.
 photo IMG_4915_zps75cf83ca.jpg 
Nora's first Easter:
 photo IMG_4918_zps73970ca7.jpg  photo IMG_4918crop_zpsce591a62.jpg
This kiddo is a nut, I tell ya. He loved his bow-tie. I think his outfit was a little old man-ish.
 photo IMG_4921_zpscc25af67.jpg  photo IMG_4924_zps865a5512.jpg

She is such a tenderhearted, sweetie.
 photo IMG_4930crop_zps4f399340.jpg  photo IMG_4930_zps60edff34.jpg
Handsome Bennett; getting too old and grown up!
 photo IMG_4936crop_zpsc740d54f.jpg  photo IMG_4936_zps3ca67d3c.jpg  photo IMG_4937_zpsee8d3fc8.jpg
The gang; this is the best I could get...
 photo IMG_4942_zpsf7c63a6d.jpg
....and just keeping it real. This is really what I got :)
 photo IMG_4944_zps948409d7.jpg  photo IMG_4945_zps55e5b6b8.jpg

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Easter Saturday 2014

We had a wonderful "Easter Saturday" with the traditional egg hunt and pinatas in my grandparents' beautiful yard. I'll let the pictures help tell the story of the day~

Getting ready and lining up:

 photo IMG_4807_zps9431a0c0.jpg  photo IMG_4809_zps6a284ac8.jpg  photo IMG_4812_zps286809a3.jpg  photo IMG_4815_zps0b1d9ae9.jpg
(The picture with Mylie's pinata hat is a little out of order. The kids usually try to find pieces of the broken pinatas for awesome hats that they always beg to keep...
I have the prettiest nieces! I can't believe how grown up they all are getting!
 photo IMG_4817_zps6370922a.jpg
Hunting eggs:
 photo IMG_4818_zps30129eb4.jpg  photo IMG_4819_zps34c0046d.jpg
More pretty nieces. And my pretty mom with Nora.
 photo IMG_4826_zps66b65882.jpg
Gathering around for the pinata.  I just love Mylie holding hands with Coy.
 photo IMG_4832_zps2c264b0c.jpg
Here's a closer shot of it :) Darling!
 photo IMG_4833_zpsddaff1cf.jpg
Turn around and smile!
 photo IMG_4835_zps943b703c.jpg
Fun to watch how the kiddos grow through the years. Coy was too busy chewing candy to smile.
 photo IMG_4840_zpse1fd34e5.jpg  photo IMG_4844_zps0087c410.jpg

I love these pictures! Here are all of my parents' grandkids! Not a single one is missing!
 photo IMG_4851_zps198e0d4d.jpg  photo IMG_4869_zpsb9c0dadd.jpg  photo IMG_4876_zps3e33d434.jpg
More sugar to end the event. Isn't my grandparents' yard just beautiful?
 photo IMG_4879_zpsd29d98f0.jpg
Family picture! Are those really all my kids? I guess I have the receding hair line to prove it! (Side note: I always lose a lot of hair after I have a baby. This is when I was at my "baldest." I truly get a receding hairline! I look like Russ :) Now it is growing back in and I just have patches of short hair bordering my hair line. It is lovely! Good thing the babies are worth it!
 photo IMG_4886_zps0bd9388b.jpg
More sugar. Love the fly-aways in Mylie's hair.
 photo IMG_4888_zpsa36bb0a9.jpg
And I know I've said it before, but I LOVE those freckles!
 photo IMG_4890crop_zps2e803e29.jpg