Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Looking Back~Nora 6 weeks old

Precious little Nora at 6 weeks old. Seems like only yesterday~sigh... (Love those chubby cheeks)
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Looking Back~Nora 4 weeks old

Here was Nora when she was 4 weeks old. It is so fun/bittersweet to look back and see how she has grown.
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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Nora & Daddy & A Fox

Yea! My last post to finish up 2013. Here are just some sweet pictures of Nora with her daddy. I love looking back at these but they make my heart ache! Why do babies have to grow so fast? These were taken when she was 3 weeks old.

 photo IMG_4153crop_zpsdb701199.jpg  photo IMG_4152_zpse88d7610.jpg  photo IMG_4149crop_zps45d9a9b9.jpg  photo IMG_4142_zps24a0d612.jpg  photo IMG_4139_zpse7481007.jpg
Oh, and What Does a Fox Say? Coy was just a little bit in love with that song. So my brother knew that when he helped his son pick out the PERFECT cousin gift for Coy. A FOX TOWEL! He loves it and will, to this day, not dry off with anything else after his bath.
 photo IMG_4154_zps4aca136e.jpg

Christmas Eve & Christmas Eve 2013

We stayed home the night of Christmas Eve this year. It was a nice evening. I made a turkey dinner (which was quite a feat with a newborn around)! We had my parents and Taylor over for the meal then the kids entertained. They shared their Christmas piano songs they had learned. Bennett played Away in a Manger for Mylie and Coy to sing. Then all three of them sang the arrangement of Silent Night that they had sung for our Ward Sacrament meeting. At the end of the evening, we opened our traditional new Christmas Jammies.

 photo IMG_4020_zps7b8c3cb0.jpg  photo IMG_4031_zpsecf17080.jpg  photo IMG_4038_zps247a9e5c.jpg  photo IMG_4039_zpsf53f8440.jpg  photo IMG_4040_zps81073194.jpg  photo IMG_4045_zps3e79159d.jpg  photo IMG_4048_zps2ed3dd44.jpg  photo IMG_4052_zpsa835308a.jpg  photo IMG_4056_zps9e676507.jpg  photo IMG_4062_zpsef4b41bb.jpg  photo IMG_4067_zps848ad0d7.jpg
Nora was the size of a present!
 photo IMG_4071_zps1487af6a.jpg  photo IMG_4074_zps82738eaa.jpg

Christmas Day was fun! The kids said it was the best Christmas ever! (I think they say that every year!)

Mylie got her Bitty Baby and Pink jump rope. (Santa didn't bring the pink hula hoop, because Bennett had already gotten one!) The kids had a blast hula-hooping and jump roping all Christmas break. They became quite the champs!

 photo IMG_4095_zpse5e28b5b.jpg
Bennett got what he asked for, plus a really fun maze game called Perplexus. It was another hit during the Christmas holiday. Everyone that saw it just had to try it out!
 photo IMG_4100_zpsd04ca212.jpg
All Coy wanted was a light saber. Mom did not want him to have one, but Santa was very nice and brought him one. Saying he was excited would be an understatement. However, he has had it taken away several times since he got it ;)
 photo IMG_4105_zpsa678ca46.jpg
Nora pretty much slept the morning away, of course. It is always cute to see how small a newborn is compared to their stocking! (As of today though, she LOVES that toy giraffe she got.)
 photo IMG_4107_zps4b9f24c4.jpg
Sibling gifts are the best. Bennett has loved his four-square ball from Coy. I forgot what it looked like when it was new!
 photo IMG_4113_zps2f4dbe70.jpg
Mylie gave Bennett a new piggy bank (well it is a football) since Coy broke his old one a few months back.
 photo IMG_4115_zps8f613185.jpg  photo IMG_4116_zpsb27bfd2b.jpg
I forgot to get a picture of the whole family earlier in the day, so at night when we got home (when everyone was ornery and tired) I insisted we try to get a family shot. I always like one on Christmas to see how the family changes through the years. ...Russ has changed quite a bit since this picture. He has lost about 15 pounds since Christmas. He put on a little baby weight and holiday weight this year ;) (I guess I've lost a little weight, too!)
 photo IMG_4121_zps1bf26277.jpg
And even though the kids were tired, they didn't want to get ready for bed and wanted to play just a little bit more.
 photo IMG_4127_zps3b1feef2.jpg  photo IMG_4130_zps6bcc5628.jpg  photo IMG_4131_zps8217fea1.jpg
This picture reminds me of the movie Christmas Story. Coy even looks a lot like Ralphie from that movie :)
 photo IMG_4137_zps60e23633.jpg

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mid December 2013

Here's back when little Nora was just a couple weeks old.
 photo IMG_3962x_zps48d85432.jpg  photo IMG_3940x_zpsd859a34f.jpg  photo IMG_3963x_zpsb8b2aead.jpg  photo foot_zps2275275d.jpg  photo IMG_3997_zps22c8014b.jpg  photo IMG_4009_zpsb5a7b0f8.jpg  photo IMG_3987_zpsabbc62a1.jpg
I had to take pictures of Bennett and Mylie's letters to Santa before they were sent off to the North Pole. I love that the main thing Bennett wanted was a book. And Mylie's list is just so classic and girly :)
 photo IMG_3994_zps61e0e6c1.jpg  photo IMG_3996_zpsa0cb8b6a.jpg
And this is Mylie's interpretation of an "angel". She was supposed to be one for a nativity for the Saunders family Christmas party. This is how she chose to dress, crown and all!
 photo IMG_4015_zps476d0e56.jpg