Friday, January 2, 2015

First Day of School 2014

The first day of school was different this year without getting to send my kids to school on the bus! (We live just down the road from the school right now, so I take and pick the kids up each day. I have actually enjoyed it!)

Bennett and Mylie were both so excited. I am so glad my kids love school! Mylie was especially excited to start first grade and get to go to school ALL DAY. I don't know if I am as excited about that! These kids grow too fast. It is sad to see them leave their carefree childhood days behind! School is so busy. There isn't near enough time for play anymore! (We have been enjoying our Christmas break, getting to relax and play--although we haven't enjoyed the freezing weather!)

Well back to talking about August and warm weather, here are my two cuties all ready to go. I also love that they love each other. Bennett for weeks would hold Mylie's hand and walk her to her door after I would drop them off in the morning. I would just sit and stare from my minivan with a full heart each morning. I am not sure when it finally stopped, but now they both just run off their separate ways---probably because we are always running super late nowadays.

 photo IMG_5664_zps4d67979d.jpg  photo IMG_5662_zpsbafa1595.jpg 

Mylie, of course, had to be super fancy for her first day of school!
 photo IMG_5667_zps24b7c5d3.jpg 

Bennett picked out this new backpack. He loves it!
 photo IMG_5653_zps926c7085.jpg 

First Grade!
 photo IMG_5659_zps4dc8c0a8.jpg 

Third Grade! What?
 photo IMG_5652_zps64cd8d8f.jpg  photo IMG_5657_zps955d2c86.jpg  photo IMG_5669_zps3c2ba638.jpg

Excited jumps!
 photo IMG_5655_zps9e51e0a5.jpg  photo IMG_5660_zps2bc2deae.jpg  photo IMG_5651_zpsb85ee5b3.jpg

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