Thursday, January 1, 2015

July 2014

Here is a look back at our July.

Mylie lost her first tooth while eating a bowl of cereal!

 photo IMG_5379_zpsf67ac4e1.jpg 
Here are some cute pics of  her sporting her new gap. Also, I was trying to get a few last minute pics of our kids while having natural light in our house. I knew we would be living in a dark apartment soon, which makes it very hard to get good pictures of my kids during everyday life :( It has been hard not being able to just take a cute natural light photo of my kids for the past 6 months.
 photo IMG_5427_zps4ad70ca8.jpg  photo IMG_5429_zps4c0668e0.jpg  photo IMG_5431_zps0fc8d4b7.jpg  photo IMG_5432_zps35cff81a.jpg
Here was the Fourth of July. We had a fun time going swimming, and we also enjoyed fireworks that night, but I didn't get any pictures.
 photo IMG_5381_zpsd32f7a7b.jpg  photo IMG_5385_zps7301207f.jpg  photo IMG_5387_zps5212c72f.jpg  photo IMG_5390_zps4858ee84.jpg

Here is Nora at 7 months. Once again, I tried to get a few pics of her before we moved, although these weren't the best. At 7 months, she we finding the teeth that Mylie was losing. She was sitting up like a champ, and also getting on her hands and knees.
 photo IMG_5405_zpscc3f52ed.jpg  photo IMG_5407_zps58eb6550.jpg  photo IMG_5413_zpsd3351437.jpg  photo IMG_5415_zps94549918.jpg
Here are a few more random pics of the kids hanging out around our house those last few days of living there.
 photo IMG_5419_zps5c7c61bc.jpg  photo IMG_5421_zpse1f52071.jpg  photo IMG_5422_zps613a1121.jpg  photo IMG_5434_zpsb4e6d495.jpg 

I tried to take a picture of Nora sleeping and...
 photo IMG_5436_zpsa6ae384e.jpg
I woke her up. Oops!
 photo IMG_5437_zps06b7c683.jpg

Here is moving day. Very bittersweet. Mostly bitter since we still do not have a home to live in. And looking at our yard, makes me depressed thinking we have to totally start over with a new yard.
 photo IMG_5439_zpse7ad6939.jpg  photo IMG_5441_zps08b7a59e.jpg  photo IMG_5454_zpsc7e338b2.jpg  photo IMG_5458_zps4377ce6e.jpg  photo IMG_5461_zpsdda1ed40.jpg

We went to Lagoon a few days after moving. The weirdest part was getting home late that night and not having a garage to park in. We had to carry the sleeping kids in all individually across the parking lot and into our apartment. We have since done that routine a million times, including last night on New Years. Although last night it was FREEZING! I am looking forward to having a garage again!!!
 photo IMG_1819_zpsc15c2576.jpg

And here is Nora hanging out in our apartment. I was trying to see what luck I would have taking pictures of her using the little light that comes in sometimes during the day.
 photo IMG_5466_zps44632d80.jpg  photo IMG_5530_zps15c07895.jpg  photo IMG_5535_zps70d5b189.jpg

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