Thursday, January 1, 2015

Coy's 4th Birthday

Back in August, we celebrated Coy turning 4 years old! We sure love this little boy! He is so funny and just loves life. He is so energetic and gets so excited about so many things. I know I've said it before, but he truly has a "zest" for life. He makes me happy! I love the personality that this boy came with, even if it is a little mischievous at times! At times he loves to make trouble, but can also be the sweetest, most loving boy.

 photo IMG_5565_zps648c1bf9.jpg  photo IMG_5564_zpsaa36dc4c.jpg  photo IMG_5553_zps38c6fe6a.jpg  photo IMG_5560_zpsc0fa3583.jpg  photo IMG_5540_zps6e628e5e.jpg  photo IMG_5541_zpsb8b7cf30.jpg  photo IMG_5543_zps57439621.jpg  photo IMG_5569_zps45c86fa1.jpg  photo IMG_5572_zpsd4a1d7b3.jpg  photo IMG_5574_zpscb37f969.jpg  photo IMG_5576_zps4cefba18.jpg  photo IMG_5581_zps369d8258.jpg  photo IMG_5583_zps28322ca2.jpg  photo IMG_5584_zpsda1631a1.jpg  photo IMG_5587_zps16178136.jpg

He wanted a Ninja Turtle birthday cake and party. We took it all to my mom's, so we could enjoy her yard since we were living in this apartment.

 photo IMG_5602_zps7fb6cdeb.jpg  photo IMG_5613_zps1cd36c2e.jpg  photo IMG_5607_zpsd37cf034.jpg  photo IMG_5609_zpsb674c2c3.jpg  photo IMG_5604_zps6f94d159.jpg  photo IMG_5592_zpsb3ca4cc5.jpg  photo IMG_5593_zps86575b0a.jpg  photo IMG_5594_zps83fe78bd.jpg  photo IMG_5599_zps79b741dd.jpg  photo IMG_5615_zps56a689ee.jpg  photo IMG_5630_zps32061c76.jpg  photo IMG_5631_zpsc863b02a.jpg  photo IMG_5642_zpse75bca0f.jpg  photo IMG_5645_zps537e637e.jpg  photo IMG_5646_zps829bcdfb.jpg  photo IMG_5650_zps597d7871.jpg

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