Sunday, February 15, 2015

Family Pictures 2014

We took these pictures back at the very end of August! It is crazy how much has happened since then! I can't wait to hang them up in our new house, even though they will be a bit outdated by then! It will be a problem making decisions on which one/ones to make up :) My dad and mom came along to help out. My dad snapped the photos after I tried my best to set up the shot, and my mom worked hard on getting the smiles!
 photo IMG_5764 edit_zps6e3hqwrz.jpg  photo IMG_5713 edit_zps1wmcsnjn.jpg  photo IMG_5822 edit_zpswfofbxlu.jpg  photo IMG_5781 edit3_zpsc9ox2vev.jpg  photo IMG_5715 edit_zpsxxhc2r0r.jpg  photo IMG_5744 edit_zpseg3p7lms.jpg  photo IMG_5763 edit crop_zpsnfgio0hz.jpg  photo IMG_5766 edit crop_zpsdjxkfuyp.jpg  photo IMG_5866 edit_zpsqzg2gjtw.jpg  photo IMG_5871_zpsvre1sxin.jpg  photo IMG_5879 edit_zpssuthdqju.jpg  photo IMG_5897 edit_zpsdfaqy2ri.jpg  photo IMG_5699_zpsgmprb3og.jpg  photo IMG_5704_zpsgszsok3x.jpg

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