Thursday, January 1, 2015

June 2014

I was hoping to get caught up on here over Christmas break, but the flu hit our home and kind of upset all kinds of plans this year! At least I got a little done on my pictures today, and have gotten through quite a few of my picture folders. Here are some from June!

Here are some from just hanging out around home. The kids came up with some funny costumes one day using whatever they could find around the house.
 photo IMG_5360_zps6dfc93d3.jpg  photo IMG_5361_zps86b8a365.jpg  photo IMG_5364_zpsfeaa6bbc.jpg 

Love those summer freckles!
 photo IMG_5365crop_zps3aead330.jpg  photo IMG_5366_zps60edcea1.jpg  photo IMG_5369_zpsda52c0b7.jpg

Bennett ran the Pleasant View Founders Day 5K. He is getting faster and faster! His time was 22:14 (he has even since beat that time at another 5K!) Mylie danced in the parade that day as well.

 photo IMG_5371_zpse7507f4f.jpg 

I tried the tactic of tying her hair in pieces of tights to curl it. It worked OK.
 photo IMG_5372_zps64fecd64.jpg  photo IMG_5375_zps3e5cc77d.jpg  photo IMG_5376_zps149e03ad.jpg

Then of course that night, we enjoyed the fireworks! Always a fun tradition :)
 photo IMG_1724_zps326df14f.jpg  photo IMG_1725_zps6a0b90bf.jpg  photo IMG_1726_zpsf8ebb23f.jpg  photo IMG_1728_zpsb2567613.jpg

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