Thursday, July 13, 2017

Zoo Trip: April 2016

During Spring Break in April 2016, we visited one of our favorite places: The Zoo! It was really fun because we were able to go with my brother Patrick's family and my mom, who brought Davis along as well!

The kids get excited when Grandma brings the little animal bottles with punch in them!

 photo IMG_9507_zpshanspnlr.jpg  photo IMG_9502_zpsqe5etopk.jpg  photo IMG_9503_zps5ilmcq0q.jpg  photo IMG_9510_zpseutydp4u.jpg  photo IMG_9512_zpsl9zhnqah.jpg  photo IMG_9515_zpsdgwmwgxm.jpg  photo IMG_9516_zps8p8soxsa.jpg  photo IMG_9518_zpsaka1qah8.jpg  photo IMG_9525_zpssvad2iij.jpg  photo IMG_9534_zpsnmmqatp0.jpg  photo IMG_9538_zps75ozfq6z.jpg

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