Sunday, July 16, 2017

Another Year of Dance for Mylie~May 2016

Mylie loves to dance and I love to watch Mylie dance! She has so much enthusiasm and love for the art of dance, and she truly dances with her whole heart. She NEVER complains about going or the hours she spends, but is the exact opposite. She loves every moment of it. She has the best teachers and has made so many good friends. I love dance season in the spring. It is crazy, and busy, but it is so fun to see her excel at the dances she and her teammates have worked so hard on. Every performance is a wonderful celebration.

I was able to sneak some pictures in one day before a performance. This red outfit was for her lyrical dance which was to God Bless the USA.

 photo IMG_9577_zpshufl3tgv.jpg  photo IMG_9595 crop_zps2jrtifmn.jpg  photo IMG_9599_zpsznnwsaua.jpg  photo IMG_9591_zpspierw99s.jpg  photo IMG_9593_zpsfve14btc.jpg  photo IMG_9585_zpsslt9w5sp.jpg  photo IMG_9581_zpsvdkr3rlm.jpg  photo IMG_9590_zps4l2m6bc8.jpg  photo IMG_9588_zpsawbz4vaq.jpg 

Here are some of her dance photos taken by Heather Nielson Photography:
 photo IMG_4787_zpspvrhzm2w.jpg  photo IMG_4783_zpsnydx4p7a.jpg  photo IMG_4960_zpszqqsowdk.jpg  photo IMG_4965_zpsio1y0vpw.jpg  photo IMG_4966_zpsl8cdrx7e.jpg  photo IMG_5033a_zpstrjahibt.jpg  photo IMG_5032_zpsrn7mlodz.jpg  photo IMG_4876_zpsmzjvmxih.jpg

I snagged these performance photos from the dance facebook page:
 photo DancePicCopyFromFacebook3_zpsdxs5lhnn.jpg  photo DancePicCopyFromFacebook4_zpshjszckj6.jpg  photo DancePicCopyFromFacebook2_zpsv8qsr7gc.jpg  photo DancePicCopyFromFacebook1_zpswkkckidn.jpg  photo DancePicCopyFromFacebook6_zpscudjgshr.jpg

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