Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Easter Sunday 2016: Easter Hunt at Home

We had our traditional little Easter hunt on Sunday morning. It is so fun to look at these pictures over the years to see how our kids change and grow. Nothing like some crazy bedhead on all of them!

 photo IMG_9323_zpsjiageypi.jpg  photo IMG_9312_zpsjowaz320.jpg  photo IMG_9316_zpsih8ljrm5.jpg  photo IMG_9319_zpska5lwtm6.jpg  photo IMG_9320_zpseloemcxa.jpg  photo IMG_9321_zpsu5yckypw.jpg  photo IMG_9322_zps2amlkdaa.jpg  photo IMG_9326_zpsufyzllux.jpg  photo IMG_9328_zps6kousxih.jpg

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