Sunday, July 9, 2017

Easter Saturday 2016: The End of a Wonderful Tradition

For many, many years, my sweet grandparents have hosted an Easter Hunt the Saturday before Easter. Easter 2016 was the end of this wonderful tradition! They have been doing this hunt ever since I can remember; I hunted for eggs, helped break the pinata, and looked in the pasture for the coveted "Big Egg" with all of my cousins. The tradition has continued with my kids, and all of my cousins' kids, as my grandparents have spoiled us and their great-grandchildren. But time and age happen, and this was to be the LAST. I am so grateful for my grandparents and all of the wonderful memories that have been made for me and my family!
Nora is getting ready for the hunt. Every year my grandma got new buckets for everyone to hunt with.
 photo IMG_9271_zpsngwnzsdz.jpg 
Bennett and Franklin are ready to hunt eggs!
 photo IMG_9273_zpszxv62ulm.jpg 
Mylie and Olivia are ready!
 photo IMG_9275_zpskwt7xcyc.jpg
Coy and Bennett
 photo IMG_9276_zps1bsukncv.jpg  photo IMG_9280_zps6ztfl4n9.jpg
This is Nora with her second cousin, Piper.
 photo IMG_9283_zpsd2xv7ff0.jpg  photo IMG_9285_zps8a0z5tc2.jpg 
Pinata time!!!
 photo IMG_9292_zpslek4v7a3.jpg
Nora and Jaylee
 photo IMG_9295_zpsboqvjid3.jpg  photo IMG_9296_zpsmu6tzk5p.jpg
Whack that pinata!!
 photo IMG_9297_zps0eoberxs.jpg  photo IMG_9299_zpsfd9tf0h0.jpg
Coy is definitely my most aggressive kid when it comes to getting candy. His bucket is always overflowing. Quite different than my more considerate and laid back Bennett and Mylie.
 photo IMG_9301_zpsdnrd1kmd.jpg 
My grandma even took a turn at the pinata! Might at as well! It was her last chance :)
 photo IMG_9303_zpsbjxl5gt9.jpg  photo IMG_9304_zpstwpwsgzj.jpg

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