Saturday, May 23, 2015

Mylie's 7th Birthday~Valentine's Day

We celebrated Mylie's 7th birthday on Valentine's Day. Seven. I still can't believe it. Where does the time go? Mylie is the sweetest, kindest, little girl with such a big heart. It is very fitting that she is our Valentine's girl. The weather was absolutely warm and beautiful on her birthday this year! She chose to go to Chuck-a-Rama (she loves the salad bar), then we headed to my mom's to open presents and eat cake. She was beyond surprised and excited to get a real American Girl Doll!

At seven years old, Mylie loves to play, sing, dance, read, imagine, color, draw, create, jump rope, hula hoop, and play with her siblings. She is a very loving sister and daughter. She is so tenderhearted and tends to be the peacemaker. She loves chicken gravy on rice and green salads. She is currently losing teeth and growing in big huge ones that don't fit in her tiny mouth. One permanent tooth usually takes out 2 baby teeth on its way in.

As usual, here is the day in pictures:

Morning present and Valentine's gifts. (And can I just say, I don't miss that apartment at all?!)

 photo IMG_7095_zpsz1ilniok.jpg  photo IMG_7097_zpssy09ywvi.jpg

She is just too grown up!
 photo IMG_7104_zpshxxfmvfk.jpg  photo IMG_7110_zpsed9ldxsw.jpg  photo IMG_7112_zpspny6sbww.jpg  photo IMG_7115_zpszktb4ggx.jpg  photo IMG_7117_zpsl6zmve85.jpg

This little Coy just cracks me up. Him and those rain boots.
 photo IMG_7120_zpsjn8gz9fi.jpg 

I am so blessed to be the mommy of these four beautiful children!
 photo IMG_7127_zps44mynt1d.jpg  photo IMG_7129_zps9xuejudl.jpg  photo IMG_7132_zpsysqmdnya.jpg  photo IMG_7133_zpsvlewluft.jpg  photo IMG_7137_zpst7zpc1wh.jpg  photo IMG_7138_zps50exxd8g.jpg  photo IMG_7142_zpshud0qov8.jpg  photo IMG_7144_zpsxu360qsv.jpg  photo IMG_7145_zpsufgzzf9i.jpg 

Mylie's choice for her seventh birthday: Pink Kitty Cake.
 photo IMG_7151_zpsactm2y1f.jpg 

Biggest surprise ever:  the American Girl Doll!
 photo IMG_7161_zpsmhtgb64p.jpg  photo IMG_7164_zpsy126lh5m.jpg  photo IMG_7173_zpsuxr8v9oy.jpg  photo IMG_7175_zpsm9tshf7f.jpg

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