Sunday, May 3, 2015

Christmas Eve 2014

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Christmas was a bit of a bummer this year. A couple days before, we all came down with Influenza. All of us, that is, except Nora--which is extremely surprising considering our living conditions. We were quite a sight, all cooped up in our tiny apartment as sick as can be. Nora just ran around crazy as always wondering, what was wrong with all of us? (I was still nursing her, so maybe she got antibodies?) So come Christmas Eve, we were lucky enough to have all finally gotten rid of our fevers at least. I had taken all of  "Christmas" to my parents, and we were planning on sleeping there since we didn't have a true home of our own. (We didn't even get to put up our Christmas tree this year. We just got a teeny one from Walmart that we shoved in a corner.) So getting sick was quite a nuisance. Of course we had to still go to my parents'! So, we all ate in exile (we had a bedroom with a table all to ourselves away from everyone else), and then tried to keep on masks while we were gathered. We didn't want to share our germs, and we did our best. Here are some pics of the night:
We played a fun white elephant game.
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Franklin was really excited to get some big, silky, purple, old lady underwear.
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Bennett really wanted a pet mouse (which someone had brought as a gift), but I insisted on him trading for something else (after all, no pets in the apartment). He chose an old bowling ball, instead with finger holes that would probably never fit any person ever in the history of time.
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Awesome matching robes!
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And awesome matching pullovers. Thanks Grandma!
 photo IMG_6972_zpsn9divica.jpg  photo IMG_6977_zpslcefsmhn.jpg  photo IMG_6979_zps55yu3vwk.jpg  photo IMG_6988_zpsmk74f7bo.jpg  photo IMG_6990_zpsdi0i5i1m.jpg  photo IMG_6993_zpstrlq7vca.jpg  photo IMG_6997_zpsxcsc0bed.jpg  photo IMG_7000_zpscrz06qxp.jpg  photo IMG_7002_zpsymo4of2m.jpg  photo IMG_7005_zpsj4chjw8q.jpg
Cute matching jammies!
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