Wednesday, July 8, 2015

March 2015

I had some pictures ready to blog that I never got around to! I had hip surgery six weeks ago and haven't made it to organizing my family photos since then! I don't know if I will ever catch up on all I want to do. I am always behind on life as it is, and now I've had to just sit and let life pass by while trying to recover.

March was a busy month. Our house finally was finished and we moved out of the apartment. These pics are all I took in March: Nora and Coy hanging out at the apartment while Mylie and Bennett were at school one day, and then a few shots of Nora at our new house. Having natural light indoors again made me finally realize that she really is a bit of a redhead! People have commented on it when we've been outside, but I was never sure. But she does have a bit of a strawberry tint to her light brown hair. It is such a unique coloring. It will be interesting to see what it ends up looking like as she grows! Now I often think of her as my little redhead :)
 photo IMG_7177_zpsc7targbu.jpg  photo IMG_7179_zps3ja2lyx5.jpg  photo IMG_7186 crop_zpscgajokvu.jpg  photo IMG_7189_zpsqpe6unx6.jpg  photo IMG_7191 crop_zpse2n2x2gp.jpg  photo IMG_7196_zpsjle3hjuc.jpg  photo IMG_7198 crop_zpsw5wv4ubj.jpg  photo IMG_7203_zpsgat0pz25.jpg  photo IMG_7206_zpsxxqhy4qw.jpg  photo IMG_7207_zpswezqnnzj.jpg

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