Sunday, May 17, 2015

Nora's First Pigtail

Nora hated every second of me giving her a little pigtail. She screamed and cried and acted as though I was killing her. This was back in February. As of now (it is May as I am writing this), she is so good when I do it and loves to be pretty. Thank goodness!

 photo IMG_7080 crop_zpsxtawua8e.jpg  photo IMG_7083_zpsyaiwrrjq.jpg  photo IMG_7082_zpsfmovov3c.jpg  photo IMG_7081 crop_zpsq03ji7tl.jpg

Rewind a few years. Here was Mylie's first pigtail. She had a lot more hair a lot earlier on. She was about 5 months in this picture.
 photo IMG_5503_zpsrjwsd0zf.jpg 

And here Mylie is at the same age as Nora was in these pictures. I was slicking Mylie's hair into little pigtails. Little girls are so fun :) These two look a lot alike to me, just not the hair color and amount.
 photo IMG_7497_zpssygkfwl1.jpg

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