Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer Recap~Part I

I can't believe summer break is over!! Bennett went back to school yesterday and Mylie starts kindergarten next week!! Time really flies. We had such a great summer and it was definitely as full and fun as we could get it. It never ceases to amaze me how busy a summer can get. I feel like at the beginning of every summer I look at my calendar and think--wow, we really don't have much planned. This summer probably won't be too busy...but then it always is! We didn't even fit in all the things we hoped to! Take our backyard pool, for example. This is the only time we got it out. So much for our plans to fill it up a few times! Seems like that always happens. Well, we had a great time the one time we did it...well technically it was a two-day event, so we really got our use out of it in one weekend. Oh, and you gotta love summer popsicles (or fudge bars in my case) as well!
 photo IMG_1576_zpsf579e7ad.jpg  photo IMG_1580_zps2d4b8c1f.jpg  photo IMG_1581_zpsf2b1879c.jpg  photo IMG_1582_zps1ea47fa3.jpg  photo IMG_1583_zps7e2d1740.jpg  photo IMG_1585_zpsd0641121.jpg  photo IMG_1587_zps7b002db0.jpg  photo IMG_1588_zps413db527.jpg  photo IMG_1590_zps801e1ec0.jpg  photo IMG_1591_zps4d5426d5.jpg  photo IMG_1593_zps11154590.jpg  photo IMG_1597_zps897c587f.jpg  photo IMG_1598_zpsa86b75ea.jpg
Hopefully I will get up to speed on this blog and post like a crazy woman so I can share some more current events like back to school and this pregnancy. I am 24 weeks today and I haven't even posted one bump picture!

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