Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dancing~In Action

I know I've said it before, but this girl is such a performer. She loves to be on stage--and I don't think she ever lost her smile. I was glad I was able to get a good seat at her recital this year and get some pictures of her dancing.
 photo IMG_1242_zps31bc0462.jpg  photo IMG_1245crop_zps53104e72.jpg  photo IMG_1247_zps10a1b3bc.jpg  photo IMG_1251crop_zpsc324f115.jpg  photo IMG_1254crop_zps78a1acd4.jpg  photo IMG_1257_zps70c0ecfe.jpg  photo IMG_1258crop_zps37294a70.jpg  photo IMG_1263_zps53f2138c.jpg  photo IMG_1265_zpsa0094c13.jpg  photo IMG_1266_zpsa8470e3b.jpg  photo IMG_1276crop_zpscafc5542.jpg  photo IMG_1278crop_zpsc65cf470.jpg  photo IMG_1282_zps5f8efddf.jpg  photo IMG_1286_zps1e78a795.jpg  photo IMG_1293_zps6dea5da3.jpg  photo IMG_1294_zps15632cf0.jpg  photo IMG_1295crop_zps5239bf65.jpg  photo IMG_1297_zps0a893cac.jpg  photo IMG_1299_zps8b5509c3.jpg  photo IMG_1299crop_zps5a353f94.jpg  photo IMG_1302_zpscd34c6b6.jpg  photo IMG_1304crop_zps3873d756.jpg  photo IMG_1306_zps35ed7a07.jpg  photo IMG_1312crop_zpse6710d94.jpg

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