Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dancing Queen

Back in the Spring, Mylie was very busy with dance. That girl LOVES to dance and is such a joy to watch. She could literally dance and sing all day. This year we were so lucky to have her be able to do a solo. She is not shy one bit, and just thought it was so much fun to dance for the judges and for a big audience. Mom on the other hand was a big wreck and more nervous than I ever could have imagined! She did so amazing and won Queen! We had so much fun dressing her up in all of her darling costumes and watching her smile and dance on stage. Her dance teachers are so FABULOUS and I am so glad they do what they do! I never have to worry about questionable music or dance moves, and the quality of dance they teach is so darn good! Here are a few pics back from April and May.

Here she is all ready to perform her solo the first time.
 photo IMG_0427_zpsb2e9b1ad.jpg  photo IMG_0429_zps3e9ff88e.jpg  photo IMG_0443_zps82c29f37.jpg  photo IMG_0456_zpsce68f7a0.jpg
She was trying on one of her costumes just for fun.  photo IMG_0462_zps4b76667d.jpg  photo IMG_0464_zpseebe16a3.jpg  photo IMG_0466_zps266c2d36.jpg  photo IMG_0469_zps44942789.jpg
In the dressing room at a competition. (Yes that is a little pregnant tummy growing on me...part of my memories of all of the dance competitions was feeling so darn sick.)
 photo IMG_0863_zps6ea1ccf9.jpg  photo IMG_0864_zpsae76b759.jpg
A quick photoshoot with her crown and trophy. I had no idea the trophy would be that big. Kind of tricky to find a place for it :)
 photo IMG_1227_zpsff7cd48b.jpg  photo IMG_1235_zps1983c36e.jpg


Lesley said...

I didnt know you were pregnant again! When are you due? Congrats!

Tara said...

She is such a cutie! What team is she on this year? I was hoping she and Reece would dance together again. It was so fun to get to know you better.