Friday, September 6, 2013

Summer Recap~Part II: Fireworks!

We always look forward to this event all year! It is funny thinking back, because it was so cold that night! What does being cold even feel like? I can hardly remember. The kids always love to go early so we can eat treats, dance to the music, throw a ball around, and just enjoy the summer time! I can't believe how long ago this night seems. It was back at the end of June sometime. Oh, and some of the pictures were taken by Coy. He took about 100 pictures that night. It's always fun to look at them and see things from his perspective.
 photo blog1_zpsba523a66.jpg  photo blog2_zps33c6ef28.jpg  photo blog3_zps98e56691.jpg  photo blog4_zps8e9bea79.jpg  photo blog5_zps75a868e6.jpg  photo blog6_zpsa488a1ca.jpg  photo blog7_zps4eeda9b1.jpg  photo blog8_zps2a3f71e7.jpg  photo blog9_zps1a410206.jpg  photo blog10_zps9f2d3853.jpg  photo blog11_zpsb8b9bade.jpg  photo blog12_zps272418a0.jpg

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