Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Coy!

I can't believe it has already been 3 weeks ago that Coy turned 2. It was such a fun day! Looking back at the pictures just makes me smile. He knew it was his special day, and was such a little ham all day. He loved all of the attention and all of the sugar. He had the cutest way of saying "Happy Birthday" and "I Twoooo!" and knew exactly how to blow out the candles. In fact after he blew them out, he said "Mo! Mo!" (that's how he says "more") and so we lit them again and he blew them out again. We figured we might as well get our use out of the candles and he turned two so why not blow them out twice?

He is such a little nut and a stinker and a sweetheart all in one. He is my wildest kid, my pickiest kid, my latest talker, and my latest walker. He gives the cutest little kisses (always on both cheeks (or "cheech!" as he calls it), and is so smart--he knows how to get what he wants. He's already using the potty a bit (only #1 though, so I'm not crossing my fingers.) He can be so naughty, and yet be the sweetest little thing ever. He pretty much only wants Daddy when Daddy is around; it makes me a bit jealous, but it is OK when he insists Daddy changes him when he stinks! I could write a book all about him right now, but I am so tired, I think I will just leave it at that, and move on to the pictures.

Birthday morning: we started out with just one present, "Yee-Aww" (aka Woody).
We went to Noodles & Co. for lunch because this kid loves some Mac and Cheese.
I love this little boy so much! Why do they have to grow up so fast?
Here is my attempt at a circusy-carnivaly cake...Please don't think it looks like a Spider Man cake...Okay, Okay, that's the first thing I thought, too, after I did the "design" on top. Not my intention at all.

Picture on the left below = how he pretty much is every time we try to take a picture with him. That's where the Twizzlers came in.
See that face? He knew he was hot stuff on his birthday.
The "decor". My attempt at keeping it simple this year.
Clown nose "photo booth"...Not everyone was a fan of this--I'll let you guess who.

Coy with Grandma.
Mylie handed out the popcorn to everyone and worked on her red mustache. You should have seen her after she had a red lollipop as well.
Playing some games.
With Grandma H.
More games.
Some cute guests!
Opening Presents! YAY! Coy was lucky to have his helpers.

Oh, Grandma and Grandpa H. brought the Spider Man chair. They must have had the wrong idea about the cake, too...Or maybe it was just a coincidence :)

Happy Birthday my little baby...I can still call you that, right?

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