Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Day~

This particular day was three months ago. It has taken me a while to really get updated on this blog, and I almost overlooked these photos. On this day, I realized that I hadn't taken any pictures of Coy in a long time--mainly because he is so bad about letting me take a picture of him. He never wants to sit still or look at the camera. So I decided I would follow him around that day and try to get a little glimpse of what a day in his life was at the time. It was nice because he was home alone with me that morning. And he actually cooperated quite a bit.
Here he is in his highchair, just finishing up breakfast. See, he can't get away so I was able to get some pictures. It's kind of strange seeing him in this highchair again, because we've had him in a booster up to the table with us for quite a while now. Much has changed since three months ago!

He loves to play with his siblings' toys when they aren't there to take them away! One of his very favorites is Mylie's Little People House. He plays with this thing for the longest periods of time, and Mylie is actually pretty good about sharing it with him.

Cute little blue eyes sitting on my bed. He wants me to turn something on for him to watch.

This little guy loves to watch shows. Mainly PBS kids shows like Super Why and Word World. He also LOVES Baby Einstein videos--especially the Sign Language ones. He gets so enthralled. I think that is what I turned on for him here. I love how he'll be so attentive while he watches, soaking in what it is trying to teach him. He even folds his little hands and feet as he watches.

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