Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Love Traditions!

Something I have looked forward to for as long as I can remember is the Easter hunt my grandparents have every year! It is so fun seeing the joy through my children's eyes now! Sometimes it really hits me that I have three kids of my own! Crazy. At times I feel like I'm playing house or something, like I'm not really old enough or grown up enough to be the mom. Anyway, there are some sidetracked thoughts for you... It's just hard to believe my kids are experiencing the same things that I experienced what only seems like a short time ago! Life is good! And like I said, I love traditions! It's always fun to have things to look forward to that break up what might be the mundane parts of life...~like really, I'm scrubbing the floor again?~

My grandparents have the most beatiful yard! It is the perfect place run around and hunt egss!

Coy loved the little rubber ducks dressed up like sheep and bunnies. He was perfectly content to sit on the blanket and chew on them. That is all he needed!

Here's grandma giving some pre-hunt instruction!

Still chewing...

Aren't my boys cute in their matching outfits. I love the cute shirts I found at Target, but apparently so does everyone else that has a little boy. I've pretty much seen it everywhere: church, preschool, photo shoots...People know when they've found a darling shirt at an amazing price. Have I mentioned I really like Target?

Oh! And the Easter bunny didn't disappoint. She showed up for the day. Kind of a little mix of holidays. Anyone else thinking...Christmas Story?

(Actually this is really my cute niece, Olivia, in case you were wondering.)

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Melissa said...

Cute pictures! I love traditions as well. But I especially love the way you described your feelings about playing house and realizing this is for real. No, I don't feel old enough to have little kids running around either! But they are great!