Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ten Months: going, going....

...And almost gone! Yep my baby has now officially passed even the ten-and-a-half month age. So here is a little look back at what he's been up to lately. And of course we will do it with a few pictures!

Here he is at almost exactly 10 months. He is getting a little easier to feed other "stuff".

And at 10 months, this little one STILL did not even scoot. He would pretty much stay in this position and "swim" on the floor, kicking his feet super fast and waving his hands.

Sporting a battle wound on his right cheek that he some how got at church that day.

And now here he is at 10 and a half months. (Bennett makes us faithfully keep track of exactly how old Coy is, right down to his half month marks.) He did finally start scooting! And now he is in to everything, making up for lost time.

He's pretty much spent his last month with sinus infections and ear infections. I know, I know. Join the crowd, huh. It just seems like what kids do best sometimes! He's had three rocephin shots in the past month, poor guy! And with Russ's crazy infection he had in his spine, we've used a lot of that drug in our household lately!

Aaaahh, here are the smiles again! Even with the gunky nose. Mostly took this picture to show him sporting the cute little teeth he's gotten. Those little top ones came through this past month.

And gotta love the cute little toes!

And one more smile! I am very blessed.


Dawn said...

you have such beautiful kids! he looks like a sweetie!

kristina said...

he is so cute. he looks so much like his brother. I have to tell ya that my third child has had the same things, so much it put him in the hospital for 3 days. Doctor said that having a third child they are the ones that will always get sick because of older sibilings. My little one has so many ear and sinus that we finally did tubes and it was WONDERFUL and whole new baby, haven't had one ear infection since and it's been 5 months. Hope he gets better, sure rough on mommy too.