Thursday, June 30, 2011

{my nieces}

These two are my nieces! They are both just such beautiful girls on the inside and out. I see so much of my sister in each of them and in so many different ways. It makes me so happy to be able to see precious glimpses of my sister when I look at her children. Although my heart still aches for her (as I am sure it always will!), and I wish she could still be here as her children grow, I am sure she is looking down on these precious daughters and is pleased with the wonderful young women they are becoming. I hope they will always remember their mother, how much she loves them, and will try to be the daughters she and our Father in Heaven wants them to be! Here are a few of their photos. Please see all of them HERE.

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Adam and Ashley said...

I think I can see a little of Amber in both of them as well. They are truly two sweet girls who have grown up to wonderful young women. I love how motherly they are.