Wednesday, September 1, 2010

{super cute hat}

I am in love with this hat from Simply J Crochet. The lady that owns this little crochet shop is amazing...especially if you read her bio! And her prices are insanely good (compared to a lot of other etsy sellers!) She is ending her back to school sales in a couple days, so check them out if you are wanting a cute beanie! I got Bennett a matching one and I also bought Coy some of her cute little loafers (that also match this hat) a while back that will hopefully fit when we bless him!

Oh, I love this little cutie!

And I also had to put this picture on just because I think it is cute:


Amber said...

Emily- He is such a little sweetie!! and I LOVE his name! So cute and original. It's amazing how different all of your kids can look- I think he looks the most like you though :) Enjoy your little sweetie- they grow so fast!

richfam said...

I LOVE his hat! I jumped on the website and ordered some of the hair clips. It was great she didn't charge shipping! Thanks for all the Etsy findings.