Sunday, May 22, 2016

Bennett's 10th Birthday

Here's a look back to when Bennett turned 10. (Since I am so behind on  here, as of today he is now 10 and a half.) I am truly amazed at what a wonderful young man he is becoming. He is such a good boy and a great big brother. He is getting so helpful to me...which I am finding is very nice! He continues to LOVE books and reading, playing the piano, basketball, soccer, running, writing, and is also an amazing little singer. He joined his school choir this year and really enjoys it.
 photo IMG_8259 crop_zpssfijb7dy.jpg  photo IMG_8258_zpsesqmmoa9.jpg

As usual, he mostly wanted books for his birthday! He got the final Janitors book as well as the latest Michael Vey...and others, but I can't remember which ones.
 photo IMG_3347_zpssjpyneab.jpg  photo IMG_3350_zpsdumqxo64.jpg

Bennett's not a huge fan of cake, so we mixed it up this year and made an Oreo ice cream cake. It turned out really yummy. 
 photo IMG_8243_zpsmmj8osqq.jpg  photo IMG_8246_zpskntfogdf.jpg  photo IMG_8250_zpsmtccen60.jpg  photo IMG_8260_zpsirri0zh2.jpg  photo IMG_8268_zpsyimfuq1g.jpg  photo IMG_8272_zps5dw3rmsd.jpg  photo IMG_8265_zpshzgrvekm.jpg  photo IMG_8262_zps7hovgkzu.jpg 

We did the traditional Halloween/Fall finger foods again this year. We don't do it every year, but have done it quite a few times now on his birthday.
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Opening presents. Mylie made him the birthday crown to wear. He was a good sport and wore it most the night :)
 photo IMG_3369_zpscs33wxcl.jpg  photo IMG_3371_zpsmancmhqp.jpg 

Later the banner fell down and this is what it said all on it's own. "BARPHDAY"--We thought it was kind of funny.
 photo IMG_3378_zpsv5ilqxjd.jpg

We had a Halloween movie night as well that night after most the guests went home. Bennett's friend, Ben and his cousin, Symon stayed and watched it with us. It was a pretty fun night!

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