Sunday, May 22, 2016

Halloween 2015


Here is my cute little crew on Halloween:
 photo IMG_8313_zpsrpiqbm9b.jpg

Nora was our cute little flapper. I made this costume for Mylie back when she was about this age. It was great to get to use it again! And Nora looked darling in it, too, of course!
 photo IMG_8287 crop_zpscxxvlu0q.jpg  photo IMG_8292_zpsxghmdskd.jpg  photo IMG_8296 crop_zpsxgbedj4k.jpg  photo IMG_8298_zpsz74q7kvi.jpg  photo IMG_8326_zpsqnzp4rza.jpg  photo IMG_8327_zpszdx40c9w.jpg 

Bennett had the wild idea to be a granny this year. He looked so funny! When I looked at him from behind, I honestly felt like he was a completely different person. At the school's Halloween parade that day, his costume was a SMASH, (except a lot of people referred to him as a girl...He did look a little girly with his big blue eyes and the female attire.)
 photo IMG_8329_zpsi5wosdqh.jpg  photo IMG_8333_zpsgwecwhac.jpg  photo IMG_8331_zps3zzktdgl.jpg  photo IMG_8332_zpshcoq7bot.jpg 

Mylie also looked completely different as Annie. It was a change not having her dress as something super girly, and frilly. The wig changed her look completely!
 photo IMG_8352_zpsc2fuxfuz.jpg  photo IMG_8354 crop_zps6ioifsox.jpg  photo IMG_8356_zpsijdgtbgj.jpg 

Coy's BAYMAX costume was my 100% DIY for the year.
 photo IMG_8344_zpsppsjtouq.jpg  photo IMG_8345 crop_zpskvffqqxp.jpg  photo IMG_8346_zpsgaql1eh0.jpg  photo IMG_8350_zpsrbsrbspm.jpg  photo IMG_8351_zpstbv0yrlr.jpg  photo IMG_8310_zpstt7eoyoz.jpg  photo IMG_8306_zps3gjfadve.jpg  photo IMG_8303_zpsi0s6hauh.jpg  photo IMG_8304_zpsmhnzie2n.jpg  photo IMG_8316_zpslekvtuok.jpg  photo IMG_8320_zpsw9dzyypt.jpg  photo IMG_8336_zpsic59rldf.jpg  photo IMG_8338_zpsfdrwv48f.jpg  photo IMG_8341_zpsf1rqg9qm.jpg

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