Sunday, April 24, 2016

My Kids~photo shoot from October

I am so behind on here....and in everything else in my life. Here are pictures of my kids from October. They have yet to make it on my walls. My walls are still pretty bare here. Someday I will get all my projects and decorating done. But until then, I will just enjoy all the little things each day!

 photo IMG_8151 edit_zpsga1f2ewb.jpg  photo IMG_8097 edit for print_zpsv3dhuvyq.jpg  photo IMG_8171 edit crop_zpsuklp3vpv.jpg  photo IMG_8202 edit crop_zpsvwrcfyu5.jpg  photo IMG_8159 edit_zpsultf9gh4.jpg  photo IMG_8106 edit_zpsicbi4amj.jpg  photo IMG_8166 edit_zpsfcghhgmi.jpg  photo IMG_8211 edit_zpsedgiycn4.jpg  photo IMG_8110 edit_zpshai7nspm.jpg  photo IMG_8131 edit_zps4q1xouwa.jpg  photo IMG_8181 edit_zpsvlr9jpmm.jpg  photo IMG_8224 edit crop_zpshpta9a3k.jpg  photo IMG_8085 edit crop_zps9qcrebjr.jpg  photo IMG_8058 edit_zpshuryauha.jpg  photo IMG_8183 edit crop_zpsltxnnta5.jpg  photo IMG_8235_zpswgtp8fvi.jpg  photo IMG_8241_zpszqjuct0a.jpg

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